The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative focuses on integrating AI into several areas of the university, from teaching to service delivery. Its primary goal is to leverage AI for student success. The committee examines ways to use AI to facilitate student learning, identify at-risk students earlier, and increase student retention. The group monitors changing workforce needs in relation to AI. It also introduces faculty to AI tools that may help streamline routine tasks.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

In an era where artificial intelligence is impacting education, it is essential that instructors stay current on AI technologies so they can engage in successful learning environments. The AI Initiative continues to curate an evolving collection of resources for classroom use and beyond.

Resources for Students

Students must learn how to use AI responsibly as they integrate this powerful technology into their learning journey. Responsible AI use involves understanding the ethical implications of AI decisions and being mindful of the data that fuels these systems.

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Semantic Artificial Intelligence and Creativity Laboratory

The Semantic Artificial Intelligence and Creativity Lab (SAICL) advances symbolic and probabilistic research in AI, in particular for natural language representation and interaction, but also for the visual domain. Our researchers engage in both academic and industry research.


The AI Initiative hosts workshops and roundtables where leading experts in the field discuss a range of topics relevant to AI in higher education.


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