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College and School Funds

Contributions to Excellence and Discretionary funds are immediate use gifts that fund critical needs, priorities and initiatives for the academic college of your choice at A&M-Commerce.

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

We are committed to experiential and pragmatic learning with rigorous educational programs, courses and experiences enriched by quality instruction. We offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

College of Business

We help students gain the knowledge, practical skills and confidence they need to become successful business leaders. Our dedicated, world-class faculty brings real-world experience to the classroom. Our fully accredited programs include a nationally recognized online MBA.

College of Education and Human Services

A&M-Commerce is one of the top producers of public school teachers, superintendents, school counselors and community college presidents in Texas. Since 1889, we’ve built a legacy of preparing top educators, and we’re nationally recognized for excellent programs and research. We offer certification programs, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

College of Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts

Our students learn to communicate clearly and effectively, understand literary, historical, sociological and geopolitical issues, and appreciate and participate in the visual and performing arts. Students engage in diverse cultural and artistic events and performances and immerse themselves in pursuits of intellectual excellence that will shape their lifelong experiences across personal and professional paths. We offer certification programs, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

College of Science and Engineering

Our students prepare to launch their careers in the workforce or continue in a graduate program. Our programs are dedicated to changing lives with a strong emphasis on discovering and developing solutions and new knowledge for a complex and interrelated world. We offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

College of Innovation and Design

By combining unique programs, personalized advising and career planning, the College of Innovation and Design provides students with the knowledge, confidence and practical tools they need to become career-ready professionals, prepared to compete in the marketplace and add value to the global environment.

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