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Top Five Reasons to Take a May Mini Course


Get ahead

Graduate sooner by getting ahead with a May Mini course!

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Stay on Track

When you take courses during May Mini, you help ensure you won’t fall behind so you’re more likely to graduate on time.


Catch up

Things happen! If you get behind or fail a course, use the May Mini to get back on track to graduate on time.

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Take that class you've put off

Have you been putting off a class? Perhaps the May Mini is the perfect time to focus only on that one course to get it done successfully.


Complete class quicker

During May Mini, courses are 5 weeks instead of 16 meaning you can get on to the next big thing!

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Take the Next Steps

Work with your advisor to determine the best course for you!

Sign up for the class of your choice at myLEO.

  1. Apply for admission at ApplyTexas
    • Semester of Entry: Select “May 2023.”
    • Major: Select “Undecided Major.”
  2. Meet our admissions criteria.
  3. Submittranscripts: Submit an official, sealed copy of your transcript from each school you previously attended.
    • Include a transcript from all schools, including proprietary/career schools, regardless of how long it's been since you last attended. This also includes any college credit earned while attending college in high school.
    • To submit a transcript to A&M-Commerce, contact your previous/current academic institution(s) and request that they mail the transcript to:
      • Office of Undergraduate Admissions
        Texas A&M University-Commerce
        P.O. Box 3011
        Commerce, Texas 75429-3011
      • For faster delivery, you may check to see if your previous/current academic institution(s) can submit an electronic version of your transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If they offer electronic transcript service, they will provide you with further instructions about how to use this option. A&M-Commerce accepts Greenlight, SPEEDE, National Clearinghouse and Escript-Safe electronic transcripts.
  4. TSI Review (TSIA2): Texas requires public higher education institutions to evaluate a student's college readiness in reading/writing and math before enrollment in classes.
    • You may be exempt from taking one or both sections of the TSIA2. Please see the FAQ section for TSIA2 Exemptions. Coursework exemptions require submission of official transcript with final course grade.
    • Students who must complete one or both sections of the TSIA2 should contact the Testing Center at 903.886.5122 or email [email protected] to discuss their TSI status and make arrangements for a testing appointment.
  5. Sign up for your may mini class: Once you are admitted, an advisor will contact you and help you sign up for the class of your choice at myLEO.

Sign up for the FREE class of your choice at myLEO.

  1. Apply for admission at ApplyTexas
    • Semester of Entry: Select “May 2023.”
    • Major: Select “Nondegree.”
    • Once submitted, email [email protected] to move your application back to May Mini 2023.
  2. Submittranscripts: Submit an official transcript from each school you previously attended.
    • We recommend you order the transcript to be submitted electronically to Texas A&M University-Commerce.
    • Once your transcripts arrive, you will be admitted as non-degree.

Once admitted, sign up for the class of your choice at myLEO.


To get in touch with an undergraduate advisor, contact [email protected]

For questions about undergraduate registration, contact [email protected]

For questions about graduate registration, contact [email protected]

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