Carlos Bertulani to Serve as AccelNet Co-Principal Investigator

A&M-Commerce Professor Carlos Bertulani is co-leading a new physics research project. The project is lead by principal investigator Tapia Takaki from the University of Kansas. Bertulani is a co-principal investigator alongside Jean Delayen of Old Dominion University, Christine Aidala from the University of Michigan, and Abhay Deshpande of Stony Brook University.

Accelerating Research through International Network-to-Network Collaborations (AccelNet) will focus on understanding fundamental questions about nuclear physics. This project will also build an international research exchange and mobility program.

Bertulani has co-authored multiple scientific papers in the field of physics. He graduated from Germany's University of Bonn in 1987 and is now a professor in the physics and astronomy department at A&M-Commerce.