A&M-Commerce Alum Connects Her Passions to Help People and Animals

A&M-Commerce alum Tonja Thurman ('19) was recently honored as a nominee for Nexstar Media Group's “Remarkable Women” series. The nationwide initiative celebrates local women who inspire, lead and forge the way for other women.

A woman smiles big for a headshot photo.
A&M-Commerce alum Tonja Thurman. Submitted by Thurman.

Thurman's contributions to Dallas communities include her work as the community impact manager for the SPCA of Texas, her role as president of non-profit Dallas Sandwich Sundays, and her efforts as founder of non-profit Fanged Out Animal Rescue and Outreach.

A woman safely introduces a white snake to an elementary classroom. A young boy stands ready to pet the snake.
A&M-Commerce alum Tonja Thurman introduces an elementary student and his classroom to a ball python with puma pastel morph coloring.

Dallas Sandwich Sundays provides street-level access to clothes, food, toiletries, harm reduction and more to those in need. Thurman's animal rescue service brings joy and education to kids in underserved communities who often do not have opportunities to interact with animals.

A woman smiles while petting a large dog through the window of a vehicle.
A&M-Commerce alum Tonja Thurman smiles as she greets a friendly canine through a vehicle window. Submitted by Thurman.

“Everything connects because I'm helping people and helping animals, which is my life,” Thurman said. “I love helping people, helping them get the resources they need to be successful, and helping animals as well.”

Thurman earned her bachelor's in organizational leadership from A&M-Commerce.

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