With a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, you will gain an interdisciplinary background that will prepare you for leadership in a wide range of fields. Our professor-led courses provide you the structure to move decisively toward graduation and your future career. By maximizing your transfer credits, you can capitalize on what you've learned and then complete courses with real-world application to prepare for future employment.

Where It Is Offered Commerce, Online
Duration 2 years
Foreign Language No foreign language credits required
Delivery Face-To-Face, Fully Online
Total Credit Hours 120 hours
Thesis Requirements No thesis required

Is this Program a Good Fit for You?

Applied arts and sciences students are typically interested in careers including:

  • Project management
  • Education
  • Information technology
  • Leadership roles
  • Coaching


Student Support


A degree in applied arts and sciences offers the opportunity to:

  • Customize the courses leading to your future career
  • Prepare for advanced graduate studies
  • Upskill to move up the corporate ladder
  • Transition into a new career
  • Gain credibility in the marketplace
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Your Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree offers many opportunities in the job market; from office technology to entrepreneur or military advancement to teacher, the possibilities are limitless! These are just some of the jobs for which a BAAS degree will eventually qualify you.

Career Possibilities and Current Median Salaries

Elementary Education
Social & Community Service Managers
General & Operations Managers
$107, 680
Human Resources Specialists
Project Management Specialists

US DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2020

What You Will Learn

You will learn an interdisciplinary approach to real-world problems and practices. By maximizing transfer credits, you can customize your courses to work toward your career goals. Every step of the way, your professors and advisor will provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed.

Course Delivery and Resources

Our programs are designed to be flexible, meeting the needs of working professionals who want the convenience of a fully online degree. Your faculty will be fully involved in helping you achieve your goals!

Texas Two-Step Program

The Texas Two-Step Project (Technology Workforce Opportunities through Seamless Transitions and Educational Partnerships) offers seamless transitions from associate of applied science degrees at local community colleges to a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree from A&M-Commerce. This project will enable you to use your WECM, military and community college credits as part of a four-year degree!

How does it work?

The Texas Two-Step Project allows you to transfer technical coursework into a customized degree plan that focuses on your career goals.

  • Step One: As a high school student, you may earn college credit for Tech Prep courses and apply them toward associate’s of applied science degrees at the community college level.
  • Step Two: As a student at a community college, you may apply specified technical coursework toward a BAAS at A&M-Commerce.

For more information, contact the College of Innovation and Design at [email protected]

Undergraduate Program Costs

Program Costs

Tuition and fees for undergraduate students taking 12 credit hours are $4,212 for Texas residents and $9,108 for non-residents.

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Degree Guide

General Education (42 hours)

Complete before starting the courses in the BAAS major

  • Eng 1301: Freshman English (3 semester hours)
  • Eng 1302: Freshman English (3 semester hours)
  • Math 1314, 1324 or 2413 (Choose one, 3 semester hours)
  • Life and Physical Science (3 sh)
  • Life and Physical Science (3 semester hours)
  • Literature, Philosophy, and Cultures (3 semester hours)
  • Creative Arts (3 semester hours)
  • Hist 1301: History of the United States through Reconstruction (3 semester hours)
  • Hist 1302: History of the United States from Reconstruction (3 semester hours)
  • Psci 2301: The U.S. Government (3 semester hours)
  • Psci 2302: Texas and the Federal System (3 semester hours)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (3 semester hours)
  • Degree Pathway (3 semester hours)
  • Degree Pathway (3 semester hours)

Professional Development Electives (48 hours)

Complete before starting the courses in the BAAS major

  • 42 free academic lower- or upper-level electives
  • Transfer community college, military, or WECM course OR customize your course selections
  • *See advisor for details

Courses in the BAAS Major (30 hours)

  • BAAS 301: Designing Your Future Work
  • TMGT 303: Professional Communication
  • BAAS 326: Exploring Spreadsheets
  • BAAS 351: Planning, Budgeting, & Decision Making
  • BAAS 345: Leadership Techniques
  • TMGT 350: Essentials of Technology Management
  • BAAS 408: Problem Solving with Databases
  • BAAS 445: Ethical Decision Making
  • TMGT 358: Essentials of Project Management
  • BAAS 443 Professional Standards. Take during your last semester
  • Three upper-level electives

TOTAL: 120 hours

Faculty & Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into Graduate School?

You can begin graduate coursework after you receive your bachelor’s degree, and sometimes even while you are finishing it up. Please visit us in the dean’s office of the College of Innovation and Design for graduate program assistance.

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Who is my Success Coach and what do they do?

An academic advisor is the main point of contact for all entering students, both first-year and new transfers. Academic advisors are responsible for advising all BAAS and BGS students, including course selection and registration. Your success coach is [email protected], 903.886.5370.

Visit the BAAS website

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What are the minimum requirements for admission into the program?

For admission into the BAAS degree program or the BGS degree program, you should have completed at least the following:

Complete 65 total semester hours of college or university-level coursework from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.6 on a 4.0 scale.

  • 35 semester hours in general education
  • 3 semester hours of college algebra or an equivalent mathematics course
  • 6 semester hours of English composition
  • 6 semester hours of American history
  • 6 semester hours of natural science

30 semester hours in your career field or technical/vocational discipline

You can transfer up to 85 hours:

  • General education or core requirement (43 semester hours)
  • Support courses in the major (6 semester hours)
  • General elective coursework from an approved or accredited institution (36 semester hours)

Career field requirements consist of 36 semester hours of general elective courses. General elective coursework can be in any subject area or field and is easily transferred to the degree.

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What is the “mandatory advising” hold on my student account?

All new and transfer students have an advising hold automatically placed on their account until they have contacted an advisor and declared a major. If you feel this hold is in error, please contact the College of Innovation and Design advising center at [email protected].

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Where do I find books for my class?

You can purchase books for your classes at the A&M-Commerce bookstore. Some departments also have their book information online so you can plan your courses and budget accordingly. 

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How do I officially declare or change my major?

You must contact the college of the major you wish to declare. Example: If you are a BAAS major and wish to change to marketing, you must contact the undergraduate advisors in the College of Business.  

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How do I declare a minor?

To declare a minor, contact the college of your major. Example: If you are a BAAS major who wants to add a marketing minor, you will contact the College of Innovation and Design to have your minor declared.

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How do I obtain verification of enrollment?

View the steps to obtain your enrollment verification.

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How do I start the graduation process?

Contact your academic advisor to begin the College of Innovation and Design graduation checkout process. Pay careful attention to the dates. You must also file for graduation with the Office of the Registrar.

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What does the Basic Skills policy have to do with me?

Please review the University Basic Skills policy for information on this rule so that we can better ensure your success in your higher educational endeavors.

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How do I request a transcript?

To request a transcript, sign into myLEO and click on the student resources tab.  You can learn more about transcripts online.

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Who is my advisor and why would I need to see them?

Your advisor is Misty Lair. She can be contacted at [email protected] or 903.886.5370. When you reach junior status (at least 60 hours) and have completed a semester at this university, you will meet with your advisor for degree plan and evaluation questions, scheduling issues, graduation check-out, general advising, and job prospects and questions. Your advisor will assist with your graduation process as well. 

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How do I drop or add a course?

You can find information about dropping or adding a course on our General and Information and Policies page. Dropping a course may affect your financial aid and your scholarships. Please check with those offices before proceeding, if necessary. If you are unable to personally take care of the drop/add because of your location, please contact the department of the course you wish to drop or add for clear directions to fax or email your completed form.

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Why can’t I drop my Math or English course and What does the Basic Skills policy have to do with me?

Math courses include: PJCM 306/300 or Math 131/141/175

English courses include: ENG 100/110/101

ENG 100 must be taken concurrently with coordinating college-level courses according to the University Basic Skills Policy found in the Student Guide. As a CID student, you must be continuously enrolled in mathematics until you complete your math requirements.

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How does financial aid work?

You have to be enrolled in at least six hours (2 courses) to be considered half-time and eligible for grants and loans. Full-time enrollment is 12 hours (4 courses).

For more information, visit the Cost and Assistance page.

Please email [email protected] or call 903.886.5096 for questions about applying for financial aid.

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How can I review my degree evaluation (audit)?

To see your degree evaluation, log into myLEO, select the Student Resources tab, then select the Undergrad DegreeWorks link.

To see degree requirements for a degree that is not listed:

  • While in your Undergrad DegreeWorks, click “What-If”
  • Select the term of your current catalog and choose the major from the dropdown menu
  • Click “Process What-If”

If you have trouble getting your degree evaluation from the myLEO system, you can contact the college of your major to obtain a copy.

If you continue to have difficulty with this process, visit the College of Innovation and Design advising office on the second floor of the library. You may also call 903.886.5155 or email [email protected].

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How do I apply for admission?

Visit the Admissions website

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