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Prepare for an Exciting Career as an Elementary School Teacher!

Help young minds develop a love for learning. Our bachelor's degree in elementary school teaching prepares you to teach early childhood through sixth grade in the state of Texas. Gain skills needed to design, execute and evaluate instructional practices to meet the needs of diverse students. You’ll have the opportunity to complete an internship and residency at a local school district as part of your degree program. Upon completion of the program and passing all TExES exams, you’ll be certified to teach in elementary schools throughout Texas.

Where It Is Offered Commerce, Corsicana (Navarro College), Dallas, McKinney (CHEC), Mesquite
Duration 4 Years
Foreign Language Foreign Language Optional
Delivery 40-50% Online, Face-To-Face
Total Credit Hours 123 to 126 Hours
Thesis Requirements No thesis required

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High school teacher standing in a hallway.

Elementary School Teacher (BAIS/BSIS) :: Edited 21 July

SEE YOURSELF SUCCEED with a bachelor’s degree

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Elementary School Teacher (BAIS/BSIS) :: Focus Your Passion – Edited 21 July

Focus Your Passion

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers three tracks for becoming an elementary school teacher in Texas. Discover the opportunities available to you.

Generalist (Early Childhood-6th)

Our 123-credit hour generalist track offers you the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge necessary for an interdisciplinary approach to teaching students in a way that is engaging and promotes academic success.

Bilingual (Early Childhood-6th)

Apply your multicultural expertise and know-how to create bilingual instructional settings where students benefit and succeed academically. Our 126-credit hour bilingual track provides you with the knowledge and techniques critical for teaching both English and Spanish at the elementary school level.

Special Education (Early Childhood-6th)

Increase your special education expertise in order to adapt instruction methods and classroom environments in ways that appeal to students’ various learning styles and opportunities with our 126-credit hour special education track. Take this opportunity to learn the skills and pedagogies necessary to become a special education elementary school teacher.

All Level Programs

In order to teach elementary school in a specific topic such as Physical Education, Drama, Art, or Music, or work with kids with special needs, you may choose to pursue one of our all-level programs. All-level programs prepare you to teach the subject at any grade level (early childhood-12th grade). Your degree will be through the department related to your subject. As part of your emphasis you will also take a number of courses through the department of Curriculum & Instruction.

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Faculty Spotlight

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Elementary School Teacher (BAIS/BSIS) :: PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS – Edited 21 July

What You Will Learn

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of early childhood development
  • Learn to integrate technology into classroom instruction
  • Take courses to explore classroom management and pedagogy
  • Gain insight into real-world situations through practical experiences in educational settings
A group of student working together on a project.

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Most graduates go on to become successful early childhood or elementary school teachers in Northeast Texas and beyond, while others choose to pursue further graduate work.

Career Possibilities and Current Median Salaries

Elementary School Teacher
Kindergarten School Teacher
Child day care services

US DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2020

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Potential Employers

Our graduates are frequently sought-after by local school districts. Job placement and satisfaction are ranked highly in our education program. Here are just a few districts where our students find employment. Discover where you belong!

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Featured Courses

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Student writing notes.

Course Delivery

Our courses are in-person at our main campus in Commerce and our extended university sites at Dallas, Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC), Mesquite Metroplex Center, and Navarro College. Courses are available during the fall, spring and summer terms. 

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Undergraduate Program Costs

Program Costs

Tuition and fees for undergraduate students taking 12 credit hours are $4,212 for Texas residents and $9,108 for non-residents.

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Related Degree Programs

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