Student Legal Services offers a wide variety of legal guidance. Our attorney provides consultation, advice and outreach to A&M-Commerce students. Student Legal Services may write letters, draft legal documents or otherwise attempt to resolve legal problems. While general advice may be available, Student Legal Services does not represent students in criminal matters (including traffic tickets).

Student Legal Services is available for in-person and virtual appointments.

Our Mission

Student Legal Services provides A&M-Commerce students with FREE legal advice, assistance, consultation and education. Our goals are to enable students to focus on their education and stay in school despite any number of legal obstacles. The services of this office are 100% free to enrolled students.

Our Vision

Student Legal Services will be recognized as an exceptional legal service provider among campus and legal communities. Student Legal Services seeks to enrich the personal development of students by providing outstanding, cost-effective, and highly accessible legal services and preventative programming that adapt to meet student needs.

What We Do

We inform. We innovate. We inspire. At A&M-Commerce, we're dedicated to improving the lives of those around us.

Student Legal Services provides a variety of consultations and guidance in the following areas:

  • Security Deposit
  • Debt Collection
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Cellular Phone Billing
  • Discrimination
  • Divorce (no children, no property)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues
  • Subletting/Evictions
  • Immigration
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Lemon Law
  • Towing Problems
  • Auto Accidents
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Injuries
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Name and Gender Marker Changes
  • Expunctions
  • FREE Notary Public Services (walk-ins welcome from 4pm-5pm) to schedule another time please use the SLS Intake Form.
    • For your identification, bring a governmental identification card, such as driver’s license, ID or passport. Not a student ID

This list represents a sampling of the legal services available. If students require help that Student Legal Services
cannot provide we refer them to the State Bar referral network.

Meet our Team


An attorney is sworn to preserve the confidence of a client. This rule applies equally to those persons that work with the attorney. Information concerning your case or contents of your file will never be released to third parties without your written authorization. There are no exceptions without a court order. You should feel free to discuss openly, honestly and candidly on all aspects of your problem which you feel may have bearing on the outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any legal issues that Student Legal Services won't be able to handle?

Yes, unfortunately. While we try our best to support the needs of our students, Student Legal Services cannot

  • assist a student who has a legal dispute against another A&M- Commerce student.
  • assist a student who has a legal dispute against A&M-Commerce or The Texas A&M University System.
  • assist a student who has a legal dispute against an A&M-Commerce student group.
  • assist a student who has a legal dispute against an A&M-Commerce student group.
  • represent students in court.
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What services does Student Legal Services offer?

This office handles many different types of civil cases, especially landlord/tenant matters and consumer complaints. There is also a notary available to students free of charge.

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Will I be charged for any legal services I receive?

No, there is no charge from this office. If there are litigation costs associated with your case you will be asked to pay them.

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Will Student Legal Services help me fight a traffic ticket?

While Student Legal Services cannot represent students in criminal matters (including traffic tickets), students are encouraged to visit our resources page for general legal advice.

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What should I bring to my appointment?

Any documents you have relating to your issue will be helpful. If you are not able to find certain documents or were not given certain documents, please notify the attorney during your consultation.

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Who is eligible to use this service?

Student Legal Services provides counsel and guidance to currently enrolled students who pay student service fees. For these students, there is NO additional cost for appointments or consultations. Students are eligible to receive legal advice and assistance concerning a variety of student needs and topics.

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Contact Us

  • Performing Arts Center, Rm. 117
  • 2600 S Neal Street
  • Commerce, TX 75428
  • P.O. Box 1100
  • Commerce, TX 75429-1100

Information on this site is provided for general informational purposes and does NOT constitute legal advice. Students should seek verification and clarification of all statements made on this website through our office. Slight variations in facts and circumstances may make an enormous difference in the legal advice that a particular attorney will render. Students who are confronted with legal problems or who desire specific advice, should make an appointment with an attorney at Student Legal Services or seek the assistance of another licensed attorney.

By maintaining this website, A&M- Commerce Student Legal Services is not forming any attorney-client relationships. All information contained on this site pertains to Texas law, and should not be relied upon as law in any other state. We cannot guarantee that the information on this site is up to date and accurate, as the laws affecting Texans are in constant transition.

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