Title IX Protections and Accommodations

Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex, including pregnancy and sex-based harassment, in employment, educational programs and activities. This includes harassment and discrimination against a student based on pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or lactation, as well as any related medical conditions or recovery therefrom.

A&M-Commerce will provide reasonable accommodations due to pregnancy and/or related conditions.  The university will allow access on a voluntary basis to any separate and comparable portion of a program or activity.  A&M-Commerce will also allow a voluntary leave of absence, ensure the availability of lactation space, and maintain grievance procedures to provide for the prompt resolution of complaints of sex discrimination.   

Title IX mandates that schools (1) offer supportive measures to students who are pregnant or have related conditions and (2) allow students who are pregnant to return to their same academic and extracurricular status as before their pregnancy.


A&M-Commerce will allow reasonable breaks to students and employees for lactation. The university will ensure the availability of a clean, private non-restroom space for lactation that is shielded from view and free from intrusion. Discrimination based on lactation or related medical conditions is prohibited.

A room with two chairs and a sign that says lactation room.

Lactation Rooms

  • McDowell Business Administration Building, Room 265
  • Ferguson Social Sciences Building, Room 136
  • Nursing and Health Sciences Building, Rooms 107, 250, 350
  • A&M-Commerce at Dallas, 19th floor women's bathroom
  • A&M-Commerce at Dallas, 20th floor, across from Room 2006

Request an Accommodation

To request an accommodation related to pregnancy, please complete the Pregnancy Accommodation Request Form.

For information regarding parenting, pregnancy or related conditions, please contact Nikki Barnett, Director of Student Advocacy and Support, Department of Student Advocacy and Support, Performing Arts Building, Rm 121. Her phone number is 903.8865736. You may also contact [email protected].

The following is a non-exhaustive list of reasonable accommodations provided under Title IX:

  • Excused absence
  • Frequent bathroom breaks
  • Frequent breaks to walk around
  • Separate table and chair
  • Limited exposure to chemicals
  • Permission to leave class suddenly
  • No prolonged standing
  • Temporary disability parking
  • No lifting over ten pounds
  • Permission to eat/drink in class
  • Excused for tardiness
  • Flexible assignment due dates
  • Alternative class participation (i.e. online, either live or recorded) due to unavailability of child care for newborns (up to approximately six weeks old)
  • Leave of Absents (up to two long semesters)

A student seeking accommodations, adjustments or requesting excused absences related to pregnancy will need to provide official documentation from the student's physician/medical provider. This letter must include dates for excused absences and a statement that absences are deemed medically necessary and/or other information to support the need for adjustments or accommodations.

Documentation can be submitted:

  1. Via email to [email protected] and reference “Documentation for Pregnancy” in the subject line. Include your name and UIN in the body of the email.
  2. In-person. Bring your documentation materials to the University Ethics and Compliance Office at the McDowell Business Administration Building, Ste. 113, 2008 University Dr, Commerce, TX 75428.

Students who have questions or believe they have experienced discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment/sex-based misconduct and/or related retaliation are encouraged to contact Amanda Berry, Civil Rights Administrator/Title IX Coordinator:

University Ethics and Compliance Office
McDowell Business Administration Building, Ste. 113
2008 University Drive, Commerce TX 75428
[email protected]

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  • McDowell Business Administration Building, Room 296
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