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College is about so much more than going to class and learning just enough to get by, and A&M-Commerce provides the programs, support, and community that allows every student to find their passion, reach their goals and expand their horizons beyond their dreams.

David Scott, Ph.D.
Interim Dean

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College of Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts
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AG/ET 222M
Tuscon, AZ
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Music Education
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While David Scott now spends most of his time mentoring students and faculty and collaborating with Arts programs across the region and country, his career in music has allowed him to travel to amazing places, meet incredible people, perform for dignitaries including presidents, ambassadors, senators, and governors, and to share joy, sorrow, and triumph with audiences across the world. He has had the honor and pleasure of leading more than 450 musical performances in his career, conducting bands, choirs, orchestras, and ensembles of every shape, size, and instrument combination. Outside of his family, Dr. Scott's greatest joy is that hundreds of his former students hold teaching and performing positions throughout the United States.

A Conversation with Dr. Scott

What would you tell a student who is thinking about attending A&M-Commerce?

“A&M-Commerce is a place where anyone can find a home, a place to belong. Our faculty are specialists and leaders in their fields who are focused on their students. The faculty, staff and campus community are intent on providing great opportunities for each of our students. Our student body is diverse, engaged, welcoming and insightful. College is about so much more than going to class and learning just enough to get by, and A&M-Commerce provides the programs, support and community that allows every student to find their passion, reach their goals and expand their horizons beyond their dreams.”

What draws you to your discipline?

“Everyone interacts with music and visual art, often several times a day. Everyone has a favorite song, or sound, or painting, or mental image that engages them, relaxes them, inspires them, or maybe all of those at the same time. The Arts identify cultures, aid learning, share stories and lead humanity to a deeper understanding of every “what,” “how,” “why,” “when,” and “where” they encounter. There is no absolute in the Arts. There are many forms of “right” or “correct.” While there are norms and expectations, there are also limitless boundaries of possibility that invite us to explore, create, wonder, experiment and connect in new ways at every turn. While we celebrate those who show talent in the Arts, we also fully accept the efforts and joy of those who are learning or just want to participate because it changes their mood, their outlook. For most of my life, I have been drawn to the power, the potential and the glory of music, and later, to visual art. The fact that I continue to be able to explore, share, mentor and raise new possibilities as a career is an honor and pleasure beyond words.”

What has been your favorite course to teach?

“My favorite course at A&M-Commerce is Seminar in Music Education, one of the courses for Graduate students in the Music program. We get to delve into all aspects of how music is taught, learned, perceived and performed. Students bring their experiences in teaching and learning our art form to the class. Throughout the semester, we find ways to both strengthen and expand their understanding of music, aesthetics, learning theory, selected philosophies and other topics that make us all better artists and educators. Even though I do not teach it at A&M-Commerce, I love conducting ensembles and preparing the next generation of conductors. As a conductor, bringing musicians together to build something greater than its parts brings joy and wonder that is both hard to explain and satisfying beyond measure. Sharing the many facets of conducting with students is challenging but rewarding, especially as they increase their abilities in interpretation, confidence and discernment, all while juggling lots of visual and aural information coming from all around them.”

Tell us about a project you are currently working on or recently completed.

“At this point in my career, I spend most of my time working with and listening to others. I work with Arts programs to identify strengths and challenges as they continue to produce artists, educators, and well-rounded citizens of the world. I work with students of all ages to identify their passions and how they can find the best ways to turn those passions into both personal and professional successes. I work with fellow administrators, both in the arts and in other areas, to identify ways to honor, support, and enrich the understanding of their programs to an ever-expanding audience.”

Tell us a little about yourself (educational background, research interests, etc.)

“I have had the pleasure of premiering 16 new works for winds. My wife of 33 years, Debra, is a Middle School Orchestra teacher in McKinney, TX and our daughter, Lori is completing her Ph.D. in Physics.”

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Music Education, The Ohio State University, 1992
  • MM, Instrumental Conducting, The Ohio State University, 1989
  • BM, Euphonium Performance, Baylor University, 1983
  • BMEd, Music Education, Baylor University, 1982

Academic Positions

  • Associate Dean, College of Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts, TAMUC, 2018-Present
  • Interim Head, Department of Art, TAMUC, 2019-Present
  • Department Head, Department of Music, TAMUC, 2012-2018
  • Professor, Department of Music, 2012-Present
  • Professor and Head, Department of Art and Music, Angelo State University, 1998-2012
  • Director of Bands, Angelo State University, 1998-2006
  • Associate Professor, Music, University of Wisconsin-Superior, 1994-1998
  • Director of Bands, Music, University of Wisconsin-Superior, 1994-1998
  • Graduate Teaching Associate, School of Music, The Ohio State University, 1988-1992
  • Band Director, J. Frank Dobie High School, Pasadena, 1983-1988

Awards and Honors

  • Invited to conduct at Salmon Arts School International Music Camp, Wuhan China, 2019
  • Faculty Senate Award for Professional Excellence in Professional Service, TAMUC, 2016
  • President, Texas Association of Music Schools, 2016-2018
  • Member, Board of Directors, National Association of Schools of Music, 2016-2019

Research Interests

  • Arts Administration
  • Music Education

Professional Organizations

  • Texas Association of Music Schools
  • National Association of Schools of Music
  • Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Fraternity
  • International Council of Fine Arts Deans
  • Texas Music Educators Association

Selected Publications

  • Academic Assessment in the Arts: Introductory thoughts for successful implementation, Journal of Performing Arts Leadership in Higher Education, 2018
  • Interview-Why Criticizing Music Makes Us So Mad, Scott Morgan, KETR/NPR, 2017
  • Structuring a Statewide Organization for Effective Mentoring and Networking, University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference, 2016
  • Dozens of Presentations and Regional and National Conferences and Organization meetings

MUS 100R Recital
MUS 550 Seminar in Music Education
MUS 520 Introduction to Graduate Music

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