As a student of sociology and criminal justice, you can expect to develop a sociological insight as you become familiar with theoretical analysis of the social world. You will learn to better understand the structures and patterns upon which everyday life rests, to understand the interplay between individual choices and social constraint, to interpret events from multiple perspectives, and to examine social arrangements critically. You will learn how to make a difference in the lives of others!

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Criminal Justice (BACJ/BSCJ)

The broad field major in criminal justice is designed for students who wish to receive the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. The curriculum has a multi-disciplinary foundation, is social science oriented, is academic in content and emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills essential for a broad understanding of the criminal justice system. The objective of the major is to prepare you for entry-level positions in law enforcement, juvenile justice, courts, community-based corrections, institutional corrections and other related fields.

Criminal Justice Management Graduate Certificate

This certificate is designed to attract student practitioners seeking to advance within the decision-making and leadership roles within their field. The courses in this plan focus on management and policy issues. This certificate is ideal for you if you wish to specialize in management issues, such as evaluating, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting and budgeting.

Homeland Security Graduate Certificate

This certificate is designed to attract members outside traditional criminal justice fields. Through this program, you will gain a broad understanding of homeland security issues while enhancing leadership capabilities among those who currently work in local, state and federal government and others who are interested in gaining greater knowledge about the field of homeland security. This certificate focuses on homeland security concepts, applicable management principles, policy analysis and the enhancement of critical thinking skills necessary to successfully address security challenges within the United States.

Sociology (BA/BS)

Explore the complexities of human behavior, social structures, and the dynamics that shape our world. With a blend of theoretical frameworks, empirical research, and critical analysis, delve into topics ranging from inequality and social justice to culture and globalization.

Sociology (MS)

The Master’s in Sociology at A&M-Commerce is designed to meet the needs of those pursuing public service careers, community college teaching opportunities, careers in research, administrative careers in both the public and private sectors, as well as preparing students for more advanced graduate work in sociology.

Welcome from the Department Head

Sociology as a social science is often misunderstood, but once students take the first course—Introduction to Sociology—they realize that there is much to be investigated and explored by how society operates, functions and exists. Those who become majors are fascinated by the number of existing courses that explore human behavior in its many dimensions. Our faculty is prepared to engage students in courses related to: social problems, sociology of gender, sociology of internet, and gender and work.

Criminal Justice is a highly popular discipline and a challenging subject area filled with interesting courses such as Crime and Mass Media, Serial Murderers, Victimology and Crime Mapping. The faculty within the department are experts in many of these topics, so classes are exciting, engaging and rigorous. Students are exposed to as much of real life in the criminal justice field as possible.

We welcome the opportunity to explore degree options with you.

Dr. Willie Edwards
Associate Professor and Department Head

Graduate Assistantships

Help pay for your education while earning valuable experience in the field. A limited number of Graduate Assistantships are available on a competitive basis in the department.

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