Earn College Credits While in High School

A&M-Commerce is proud to partner with area high schools to provide high school students the opportunity to earn college credits. Our specific course offerings are determined through written agreements between the independent school districts and A&M-Commerce and is limited to core curriculum coursework. The Texas Core Curriculum helps assure greater transferability and applicability. Please confirm course offerings with your high school counselor.

Our dual credit students take college-level courses taught by fully credentialed faculty. These courses satisfy high school graduation requirements and provide college credit at the same time.

  • Your ISD will award high school academic credit.
  • A&M-Commerce will award college-level academic credit.
    • All completed dual credit coursework is recorded on the student's permanent record (college transcript).
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Are You Ready for College-Level Coursework?

  • Parents and students should consider goals, maturity, responsibility and academic ability levels prior to enrolling in the Dual Credit program.
  • Students must have the permission of the counselor, academic coordinator, or principal in order to enroll in dual credit.
  • Dual credit students must adhere to all established registration deadlines and to the dates set by their schools for admission, class registration and payment, if applicable.
  • Attendance and participation in a college course is required and should not be interrupted due to high school extra-curricular activities.
  • Students also need to consider the amount of extra time involved with taking a dual credit course. Students are expected to study and complete assignments outside of the classroom and should be aware of the course load required if taking more than one dual credit course at a time.
  • Students are responsible for learning all material whether or not it is presented in class.
  • Students are expected to participate in class by asking questions and engaging in discussions.

Get Started

Tell your high school counselor you are interested in participating in the dual credit Program.

Your high school will have a set date for an informational session about the Dual Credit program. In this session you will:

  • Learn about the courses offered at your high school for dual credit.
  • Receive information about the required TSI assessment.
  • Discuss the benefits and responsibilities associated with the Dual Credit program.
  • Contact your high school counselor for upcoming dates.

Contact your high school counselor for information on applying for dual credit.

You must have an active, personal email address.

Participate in your high school's scheduled TSI testing.

  • Your Math and ELAR TSI scores must be on file.
  • At least one section must have college-ready scores to register for dual credit coursework.
  • Find out if you are TSI-exempt based on official test scores (ACT/SAT).

All registration is completed through your high school counselor and A&M-Commerce. Dual credit students are currently not allowed to register for classes on their own and have a mandatory registration hold. There are specific sections created just for dual credit students to enrol in.

Current Dual Credit Partnership Schools

Students who are not taking courses with our partnership schools are welcome to enroll as concurrent students. However, it is at the discretion of the high school officials to use college credit from A&M-Commerce for high school credit as well.


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