Kyle Lowe
Assistant Chief of Police

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University Police
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Henderson Hall 136
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University Police
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Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is motivating and empowering others to succeed. A successful leader should seek to embody integrity, responsibility, and accountability, and use wisdom and lifelong learning to guide decision-making.

As a leader I will strive to the best of my ability to exemplify these attributes and I will expect the same from my team. Purposeful deviation from these attributes will not be tolerated.

I will seek to inspire and earn confidence and respect from my team by leading in an ethical, respectful, and approachable manner and by providing a responsible vision.

I will remember that in life, rewards will be reaped, mistakes will be made, and accolades or condemnations are a result of every decision. I will act with intent, be mindful of others, remember to evolve, and continue mission.

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