Your One Stop Shop for Safety Resources

The Department of Emergency Management and Safety and the University Police Department worked for eight months to develop this unique resource that brings added on-campus safety to students, faculty and staff.


Send your location to University Police security in real time in case of a crisis.

Screenshot of the home screen in the Lion Safe app.

Send your location to a friend who can watch you walk home in real time.

Screenshot of the friend walk in the Lion Safe app, a location sharing service to make sure companions arrive to their destinations safely.

Contact the correct services for the A&M-Commerce area in case of an emergency or a non-emergency concern.

Screenshot of of Emergency Contacts page in the Lion Safe App.

There are multiple ways to report a safety/security concern directly to University Police.

Screenshot of the crime tip page in the Lion Safe app.

Receive instant notifications and instructions from Campus Safety, communicate live with safety staff via chat and other tools to keep you safe.

Screenshot of the safety toolbox in the Lion Safe app.

Learn what to do in case of an emergency.

Screenshot of the emergency plans page in the Lion Safe app.

Access our most common support resources, like health services and counseling.

Screenshot of the support resources page in the Lion Safe app.

Gain easy access to maps and information to easily get around on campus.

Screenshot of the welcome page in the Lion Safe app which includes various maps and parking information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a ride code for the campus shuttle?

No, a ride code is no longer required.

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Will the Lion Safe app work on my device?

Yep! Lion Safe is compatible with all iOS and android smartphones and tablets.

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How do I use the Lion Safe app?

Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet, click the Welcome tab, then Shuttle Map tab.

Now you’re able to track the bus in real-time!

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