Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

In the event of confirmation by police officials that a significant emergency on campus is occurring, University Police Department staff will initiate a PAWS alert using pre-determined scripts.

  • This alert will go to all A&M-Commerce students and employees who have signed up for PAWS.
  • After the initial PAWS alert has been sent, all further communications to the public will come through the university's public information officer. All available resources will be used including among others, web page postings, KETR broadcasts and e-mail notifications.

The University Police Department will test the PAWS system annually. Often, these tests will come in conjunction with exercises designed to continue training of emergency response officials. Prior notification will be given via PAWS, local media outlets and email.

Severe Weather

To protect you from weather related dangers, we have implemented several warning systems to alert our faculty, staff and students when there is a danger of lightning strikes or severe weather.

Severe Weather Lightning

The university has a system in place called ThorGuard. ThorGuard is a lightning detection system that will sound through a series of air horns in the event that weather conditions are conducive to a lightning strike.

  • If such conditions exist, the system will sound a Red Alert. This is an air horn blast that is 15 seconds in length, the air horns are located throughout campus. If ThorGuard goes into red alert, you should proceed immediately to an indoor location until an all clear signal is sounded.
  • The ‘All Clear’ blast consists of three air horn blasts of five second lengths.

Outdoor Warning

The university has an outdoor warning system that was installed throughout the city to alert citizens of Commerce and the campus community when a severe weather warning such as tornado, 70 mph or greater winds, or golf ball sized hail.

  • It is manually activated by either the University Police or Commerce Police. Its warning sound is a loud siren that sounds for up to three minutes. The outdoor warning system does not have an all clear signal.
  • It is very important to note that this is an outdoor warning system only. It is recommended that everyone purchase a NOAA Weather Radio for monitoring indoors.

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At A&M-Commerce, we pride ourselves on serving our community well. These are just a few of the ways UPD helps keep campus safe and comfortable.

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