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This year's theme is Castles! An Interdisciplinary Study. For more than a thousand years, castles have dotted the European landscape and continue to attract millions of visitors yearly. This Honors College course will spotlight notable castles in England and Germany to explore castles from many disciplinary perspectives. What roles did castles play during various historical moments? How might castle architecture give us insight into such issues as public health, economics, sociology and psychology? How did castles shape specific narratives about art, literature, music … and even love itself? What can castles teach us about business and marketing challenges today? How did castles serve an ideological function in the past, and how do they continue to do so in our own time? You will be responsible for leading mini-lessons during our voyage, keeping a travel journal, and completing a final project following the trip.

Date and Deadlines

Application Deadline: TBA

Admission Notice Date: TBA

Decision Deadline: TBA

Program Start Date: TBA

Program End Date: TBA


Discover the castles of London, Canterbury, Dover, Munich and Nuremberg as part of the 2024 Honors Abroad summer program.

Title: Castles! An Interdisciplinary Study

Location: London, Canterbury, and Dover England; Munich and Nuremberg Germany

Program Type: Faculty-Led

Instruction Language: English


To take part in this opportunity, you must meet the following requirements.

Academic Area: Current Honors College students

Minimum GPA: TBA

Classification: Eligible sophomore and junior students

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