Kara Campbell, Ed.D.
Pride Pathway Instructor and Program Director

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College of Innovation and Design
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College of Innovation and Design

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and growing up outside Neosho, Missouri, Kara Campbell’s journey into education started early. As the youngest of six siblings, she hungered for knowledge. By the age of five, she knew she wanted to teach, though her path took twists and turns. After more than 10 years in the business world, Campbell found her way to the K-12 classroom through alternative teacher certification.

Facing doubters among fellow educators, Campbell embraced the challenge, determined to prove herself and become the best teacher she could be. Teaching in underserved schools, she confronted the harsh realities of educational barriars head-on, driving her to seek innovative solutions.

Her mission was to reignite the spark of curiosity in students who had lost hope. Teaching became Kara’s passion. Now in her 25th year in education, she finds joy in igniting a love for learning, where she truly thrives.

A Conversation with Dr. Campbell

What would you tell a student who is thinking about attending A&M-Commerce?

A&M-Commerce is 100% focused on serving our students. We are determined to continue learning and pioneering avenues for all students, providing them with the knowledge to meet their goals and succeed in their dreams. A&M-Commerce is about service and success for all students.

What draws you to your discipline?

Communication, connection and creativity. Communicating my love of learning. Connecting to the students. I am also using my creativity in curriculum and lesson planning to increase engagement and learning.

What has been your favorite course to teach?

Not specifically a course, but any course that touches on lesson design, teaching practice and learning environment. It is what teachers can control the most. It's where the magic happens.

Tell us about a project you are currently working on or recently completed.

I have mentored teachers working toward National Board Certification since 2014. I have recently worked with the Texas National Board of Coalition Teaching, a non-profit organization that supports teachers working toward this goal. I love seeing the revitalization of veteran teachers and the rapid growth in knowledge and ability of teachers new to the profession. This work continues to increase teacher effectiveness and teacher retention and positively builds the teaching profession.

Educational Background

Awards and Honors

  • National Board Certified Teacher Champion, Texas Coalition for National Board Certified Teachers, 2024

Research Interests

  • Teacher preparation, teacher quality and teachers as professionals
  • Teacher retention
  • Student and teacher leadership
  • Professional learning communities

Professional Organizations

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