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Expand your comprehension of our ever-evolving global landscape. Enroll in the Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) certificate program to elevate your awareness of various perspectives, enhance your interpersonal communication skills and fortify your dedication to fostering positive change worldwide.

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Certificate objectives

The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion certificate offers the opportunity to:

  • Gain greater appreciation of cultural differences
  • Enhance interactions with individuals of diverse backgrounds
  • Develop critical self-reflection and awareness of your own culture
  • Assess and understand culture-related privilege and social justice

How it Works

As a JEDI participant, you’ll accumulate 10 points toward your certificate through eligible courses and experiences during your undergraduate career at A&M-Commerce.

Choose one course from each category:

CID 1301Foundations of Cultural Competency

ENG 355Women Writers
GDRS 200Introduction to Gender Studies
GDRS 340Topics in Sexuality Studies
GDRS 425Gender, Culture, Society
GDRS 497Special Topics in Gender Studies
HIST 473Women and Gender in European History
HIST 479Women, Gender and Sexuality in US History
LIBS 350Seminar in Global Human Rights and Social Justice
SOC 312Sociology of Gender

AFAM 200Introduction to African-American Studies
COMS 408GLB/Intercultural Communication
ENG 443Latino/a Literature
ENG 444African Diasporic Literatures
HIST 450African American History
LALS 101Introduction to Latin American & US Latino Studies
MUS 1315World Music
PSY 211Diversity
SOC 310Sociology/Psychology of Diverse Populations
SOC 370Racial and Ethnic Diversity
THEA 341Voices from the Alternative Canon

ENG 202Marginalized Literatures
HIST 408Themes in World History
HIST 440Civil Rights Movement
PSCI 333Non-European Political Systems
PSCI 443Civil Liberties & Civil Rights
SOC 1306US-Social Problems
SOC 311Social Class, Wealth, Power
PSY 310GLB/US-Psychology and Sociology of Diverse Populations
PSY 492Health Psychology
AG 392Applied Ethics US World Agr

Choose a combination of experiences for one or two points each:

  • Earn one point for each co-curricular relevant event.
  • Earn one point for each course-embedded experience that exposes you to justice, equity, diversity or inclusion.
  • Earn two points for each immersive experience such as studying abroad.

Consult with your advisor for a list of eligible experiences.

Eligible Experiences

These experiences may be applied toward your JEDI certificate. Availability changes each semester. Please consult with your academic advisor for more information about JEDI-eligible experiences.

Diversity Speaker Series
Cultural Extravaganza
Indigenous Peoples Month Kickoff
LGBTQ+ Month Kickoff
LGBTQ+ Book Author Lunch and Learn
Ability Status Themed Film
Lions Against Hunger
Disability Awareness Month Kickoff
Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation Workshop
Black History Month Kickoff
Social Change Conference
Black History Month Speaker
Autism Awareness Month Kickoff
Women’s History Month Kickoff
Wheelchair Basketball
The History of NIRSA
International Sports in America (Box Cricket)
Women of Commerce
Global Cultural Fest
Cesar Chavez Day of Service
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Symposium – CoEHS
Study Abroad
Leadership Without Limits
COUN 497 Cultural Enrichment Seminar
ART 338Topics in Non-Western Art
ART 497History of Art & Protest
BGS 401Globalization
CJCB 406Implicit Bias (requires modification)
CSCI 233Application Programming Development
ECE 313Child Development
ECE 358Language Acquisition
ECE 366Learning Environments
HIST 311Modern East Asia
HIST 316Modern India
HIST 317Modern Middle East
HIST 325Colonial Latin America
HIST 327Latin American in the Modern Period
HIST 413Food in World History
HIST 417History of the Ottoman Empire
HIST 418Themes in Asian or Middle East History
HIST 428History of Modern Mexico
HIST 436Russia and the Soviet Union from Peter to Putin
MGT 439GLB/Business Strategy
MGT 527GLB/Strategic Management
MKT 467Global Buyer Behavior
MUS 100RRecital
MUS 1310Introduction to Jazz and Jazz Rock
MUS 1313Latin American Music
MUS 321Instruments in Elementary Music
MUS 352.144Principle Applied
MUS450Music and Movement for Child I
MUS 465Music and Movement for Child II
MUS 1116Ear Training I
MUS 1117Ear Training II
MUS 2116Ear Training III
MUS 2117Ear Training IV
NURS 3133Gerontology
NURS 3313Therapeutic Communication
NURS 3414Health Assessment
NURS 3531Maternal/Newborn Nursing
NURS 4540Mental Health Nursing
NURS 4660Rural & Community Health Nursing
ORGL 431Developing Globally Competent Leaders
PHO 1301Photography Appreciation
PSY 205Applied Professional Ethics
PSY 316Abnormal Psychology
PSY 317Psychology of Personality
PSY 319Child and Adolescent Development
PSY 322Lifespan Development
PSY 327Cognitive Social Psychology
PSY 338International Psychology
SOC 350Drugs and Society
SPED 346Survey of Exceptionalities
SWK 340Global Perspectives of Human Welfare

Showcase your knowledge of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in a public demonstration of competence and celebration.

Consult with your advisor for eligible showcase opportunities.

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