The Transformative Power of Humanistic Inquiry

Regardless of your major or intended career path, humanities classes develop important real-world skills that will help you succeed in the workplace. Humanities classes help you hone your research and communication skills as you learn to find, identify and assess information, and present your ideas in compelling and creative ways. Humanities also develop your critical thinking and analysis skills, encouraging you to question, investigate and develop evidence-based conclusions to solve problems and make decisions. Additionally, they deepen your ability to interact with others, encouraging empathy, ethical treatment, awareness of others' perspectives and collaboration as you learn to listen to other opinions and offer your own constructive critiques.

Program Requirements

If you are an undergraduate student pursuing any major at A&M-Commerce, you can easily add this certificate to your course of study.

  • Three credit hours: CID 2301: The Human Experience
  • Six credit hours: Two additional Humanities Certificate-approved courses in the core curriculum, labeled in the course schedule as HEH
  • Three credit hours: Any upper-level advisor-approved humanities course

Foundational Course

Building on the foundation established by CID 2301: The Human Experience, this certificate program offers an intentional pathway in selecting your core curriculum courses and culminates with your selection of any upper-level humanities course. The certificate allows you to explore different classes or concentrate on a particular discipline, all while developing the humanities skills that future employers demand.

CID 2301

The Human Experience

The Human Experience introduces you to humanities-based inquiry by guiding you through an exploration of important humanistic questions and ethical and moral issues across all elements of the human experience. You will consider various cultural positionalities and knowledge-making traditions.

Through the deep focus on a connecting theme, you will engage in holistic discussions of topics addressing fundamental questions about human life and human interactions, develop the skills of humanistic inquiry (including critical thinking, research, literacy skills and communication skills), and learn to apply your knowledge to your personal, professional and academic goals in a dynamic world.

This course is the foundational course for the humanities certificate program, a grant-funded, Texas A&M University System-wide initiative designed to create an intentional, connective pathway through the core curriculum to infuse the humanities and humanities-based inquiry into student degree pathways and encourage students to see the relationships between larger questions of the human experience and their own lives and goals.

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