Getting your education is not so much about the institution as your mentor/advisor.

Elisa Gironzetti, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics, University of Maryland

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Applied Linguistics
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University of Maryland
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Lainate, Italy
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English and Applied Linguistics (Ph.D.)
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Elisa came to Texas because of Sal. He was the main speaker at a conference in Spain. They ended up sitting next to one another and began to talk. He invited her to join the program at A&M-Commerce, and the rest is history. The applied linguistic lab was a very important part of her time at A&M-Commerce. A very collective experience where professors and students gathered to learn and brainstorm. The students and professors worked on projects where each person contributed to the content and research. The applied linguistics lab was a safe and creative place.

What is your proudest personal or career accomplishment?

When I published my first book. I did not think it would happen. But, with Sal's support and encouragement, I completed the book and submitted it for publication.

Tell us about an influential class you took at A&M-Commerce.

All the courses influenced me. I am not sure that I could single out one over the others. Even the ones that were challenging have helped me. I find myself reviewing the course materials to help me be a better professor today.

Tell us about an influential professor or person on campus during your time at A&M-Commerce.

I owe Sal my whole career! Without him, I would not have come to A&M-Commerce and ended up where I am today. I tell my students that it is not as much about the institution, as it is about your mentor and advisor. You need to choose the right people.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Sicily would be where I would land. I am Italian and am more attracted to places with a good climate, scuba diving and great food that is affordable. The pace of life is slower and you get to enjoy the place and people. I love the water which is where I love to spend time whenever possible.

What was your first job?

My first job was working as a hostess where I gave out name tags and checked names for the event. Mostly I worked with soccer clubs.


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