Fast-track Your Path to a Master’s Degree

Our accelerated degree programs integrate graduate-level courses into your undergraduate curriculum during your senior year to fulfill upper-level electives and build credit toward your master's degree, streamlining your academic journey.

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Apply to A&M-Commerce and enroll in one of the approved undergraduate programs.

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At the completion of your junior year (90 credit hours), contact your undergraduate advisor for approval to enter the accelerated undergraduate program. Your advisor will submit a form that will be routed to the graduate coordinator for approval.

Once approved, your current undergraduate degree plan will be updated to include graduate coursework that will count toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

In the final semester of your senior year, submit an online application through Apply Texas to the Master's Accelerated program.

  • You must meet undergraduate GPA requirements at the time of graduate school admission.

Begin taking classes toward your master’s degree.

Approved graduate hours taken as a senior will automatically be applied toward your master's program.

During your final semester of graduate coursework, apply for graduation for both your bachelor's and master's degrees. Your bachelor's and master's degrees will be awarded in the same semester in two ceremonies once you have completed all requirements for both degrees.

Available Programs

Approved degree plans for accelerated programs will be available in the 2024-2025 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.

Biological Sciences (BA/BS)

The BA or BS degree provides a comprehensive overview of biological sciences, working from the molecular level up through ecosystems. The programs are suited for you if you are interested in the biological sciences, a career in biological research or applying for candidacy in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy or other allied health sciences fields.

Chemistry (BS)

Whether your interest is in the structure and chemical reactions in living systems, properties and reactions of organic or inorganic minerals and compounds, or how matter behaves on a molecular level, a degree in chemistry will prepare you for industry career or graduate studies. A wide variety of careers are available to chemists in industry, the government or academia. Options include, but are not limited to, chemical health and safety, toxicology, oil and petroleum, forensics, textiles, agriculture and food, polymers, environmental protection, and research.

Computer Science (BS)

A degree in computer science will equip you with the essential skills for a modern world. Career fields include, but not limited to, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, programming/coding, computer networks, cyber physical systems, digital forensics, operating systems, mobile programming, data analytics, database systems, machine learning and research.

Mathematics (BS)

A degree in mathematics will develop your analytical, statistical and computational skills preparing you for careers in industry, government, business, scientific and technological fields, computing and information science, actuarial work and education.

Technology Management (BAAS)

The Technology Management degree integrates technology, applied engineering, project management, cost engineering, construction and industrial management, and leadership. As a technology management graduate, you will be prepared to problem solve, manage a construction and/or industrial work environment, optimize processes, ensure a safe workplace, and manage a technological project.

Pending Approval

Physics (BA/BS)

Explore the world from the atomic to the universal level with a degree in physics. While here, you’ll investigate the structure of matter and how it functions across space and time. You’ll have the opportunity to study asteroids, white dwarfs and binary stars with our state-of-the-art observatory and research laboratories. Our programs prepare you for graduate work or employment as professional physicists. Utilize your skills in engineering, law and medicine.

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