Beyond the university, Commerce offers a peaceful environment, proximity to major cities like Dallas and the advantages of a small town.

Tapasya Singh
Graduate Research Assistant

  • Graduate Assistant
Marketing and Business Analytics
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Marketing and Business Analytics
Sirsa, Haryana (India)

Tapasya is from Sirsa, Haryana, a historic north Indian district. From a young age, Tapasya found joy in traditional music and dancing. Her love of dancing as a form of fun and relaxation continues today. When she is not working, studying or dancing, you can find Tapasya in nature either taking a walk or enjoying the pavilion on campus.

A Conversation with Tapasya

What would you tell a student who is thinking about attending A&M-Commerce? What sets A&M-Commerce apart from other universities?

A&M-Commerce stands out from other universities due to its strong academic programs, personalized education approach and professors who foster a supportive learning environment where active engagement, questions and collaboration thrive. Research opportunities, a close-knit campus community and comprehensive support services such as tutoring, advising and counseling are a few of the other offerings on campus. Beyond the university, Commerce offers a peaceful environment, proximity to major cities like Dallas and the advantages of a small town.

How is your degree program preparing you for a career once you graduate from A&M-Commerce?

The business analytics degree program at A&M-Commerce prepares students for a successful career in the growing field of data analytics. The program provides a strong foundation in statistical analysis, data mining and machine learning. Students are exposed to real-world projects and case studies, allowing them to apply their knowledge in practical settings. Overall, Graduates of the business analytics program at A&M-Commerce possess the necessary skills, knowledge and practical experience to excel in a dynamic and competitive job market.

Which professor or staff member has positively influenced you during your time as a student at A&M-Commerce? What will you remember about this professor or staff member?

Choosing a single individual from among the many who have played crucial roles in my journey is a difficult task. I am grateful to Dr. Scott for always looking out for me and making me feel welcome. Dr. Zaki, you have been like family to me, offering continuous support and uplifting spirits. Anna, you have been a friend, a mother figure, and the best boss one could ask for. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. Lastly, Dr. Anil is a beacon of optimism in my life and has been influential in who I am today.

What is an important life lesson you have learned as a student at A&M-Commerce?

I have developed into a self-reliant, resilient and more confident person. The various experiences and connections I have gained through A&M-Commerce have contributed to my growth both personally and professionally. Initially, I was a timid student in a foreign land, but now I hold the position of president of a student organization. The networking opportunities I encountered played a significant role in shaping my current identity.


  • M.S., Business Analytics, Texas A&M University-Commerce, In Progress
  • B.A., Mathematics and Economics, Delhi University, 2021
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