Create value with a BS in Applied Economics

Set yourself apart with the valuable knowledge you can gain with a degree in applied economics. This degree program will take you through a unique college experience that is student-focused from the very beginning. Our student-centered teaching and mentoring approach will ensure that you gain marketable skills demanded by various industry employers. Apply today!

Where It Is Offered Commerce, Online
Duration 4 years
Foreign Language No foreign language credits required
Delivery Face-To-Face, Fully Online
Total Credit Hours 120 hours
Thesis Requirements No thesis required

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Applied Economics (BS) :: 1.2 Is this Program a Good Fit for You?

Is this Program a Good Fit for You?

Applied economics students are typically interested in:

  • Problem solving
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Preparing a foundation for graduate studies
  • Economic policy making
  • Consulting
  • Teaching
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Applied Economics (BS) :: See Yourself Succeed

See Yourself Succeed with a bachelor’s Degree in Applied Economics

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Applied Economics (BS) :: 1.6 PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS

Practical Applications

A degree in applied economics will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Learn the fundamentals of economics and how to think like an economist.
  • Build strong relationships with our expert faculty who are experts in data management and decision making, healthcare economics, environmental economics, personal finance and more.
  • Develop marketable skills and economics knowledge.

Student in a power suite in front of a building like on Wall Street.
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Applied Economics (BS) :: 1.7 Careers


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the need for economists to grow by 14% over the next 10 years. Upon graduation, our students are prepared to pursue careers in many areas including economic analyst, research analyst, financial analyst and management analyst. Students are also equipped and trained to be successful graduate students. The College of Business Career Center assists students in obtaining internships and job placements with diverse regional, national and international organizations.

Career Possibilities and Current Median Salaries

Economic Analyst
Research Analyst
Financial Analyst
Data Analyst

US DOL Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook /

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Applied Economics (BS) :: 1.11 WHAT YOU WILL LEARN

Student talking in front of computer monitors

What You Will Learn

In our undergraduate-level program in applied economics, you will learn and develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a valuable candidate in any industry. Through challenging, fast-paced coursework and collaboration with accomplished peers, you will be prepared for a career in several disciplines.

Courses to prepare you for your career

  • You can choose from one of three flexible tracks that provide enriched learning in concentrations such as agriculture economics, political science and healthcare.
  • Core courses include Economic Forecasting, Macro and Micro Economics, and International Economics.
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Applied Economics (BS) :: 1.12 FEATURED COURSES

Featured Courses

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Applied Economics (BS) :: 1.13 Course Delivery and Resources

Students working from computers.

Course Delivery

Our programs are designed to be flexible, meeting the needs of working professionals who want the convenience of a fully online degree or full-time students who prefer face-to-face classes. Should you decide to continue your education, we offer several graduate-level business degrees to fit your lifestyle and career aspirations.

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Undergraduate Program Costs

Program Costs

Tuition and fees for undergraduate students taking 12 credit hours are $4,212 for Texas residents and $9,108 for non-residents.

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Applied Economics (BS) :: 1.14aa Staff copied not edited

We are here to help!

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Applied Economics (BS) :: Contact Us

Contact Us

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Applied Economics (BS) :: Request More Information

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Applied Economics (BS) :: 1.14 RELATED DEGREE PROGRAMS

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