Each summer, the lives of children across the country are changed through the powerful impact of summer camps. However, while sports camps are plentiful, there are fewer opportunities for children interested in music. That’s where Camp Granada comes in, where young talents not only refine their musical skills but also form lasting connections, discover their creative potential, and create memories that resonate with harmony and excitement.

Young students playing instruments while following instructions.

About Camp Granada

Camp Granada is a summer music day camp for elementary students, offered at A&M-Commerce through the Department of Music. Camp Granada is open to public, private and home-schooled students age 5 (having completed kindergarten) through 11 (having completed 5th grade).

The mission of Camp Granada is to provide the highest quality summer music day-camp experience in a child-centered environment that encourages participation, stimulates creativity and focuses on fun. We do not strive to turn young children into Beethovens or Mozarts. It is simply our desire to increase each child's awareness and enjoyment of music and to instill in each child a desire to continue musical involvement for a lifetime.


The Camp Granada curriculum integrates arts and classroom objectives into a music curriculum that fosters creativity and musical exploration. Activities include singing, playing instruments, movement, listening, music literacy and summer-camp style games and activities that continue to expose students to content and skills from the day's lessons. The week concludes with a student performance of the music and skills that have been developed through the week. All songs selected for Camp Granada are taken from the standard folk, traditional, multicultural and children's song repertoire.

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:00 a.m. – Pre-session

9:00-9:20 a.m. – Welcome Session

9:30-10:20 a.m. – Break out Session 1

10:30-11:20 a.m. – Break out Session 2

11:30 a.m.-Noon – Lunch

Noon-12:30 p.m. – Camper Showcase

12:30-1:00 p.m. – Break out Session 3

1:00-1:45 p.m. – Game Time

1:45-2:00 p.m. – Coda Session

2:00 p.m. – Dismissal


Check-in is Monday at 8:30 a.m. in the Music Building Lobby. Camp doors open earlier than normal to allow for opening day check-in. Parents complete a check-in form, are introduced to their child's team leader and walk their children to Base Camp. Parents may play games with their child until the start of camp.

Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony is Friday at 1:00 p.m. in the Finney Concert Hall. The camp week concludes with a sharing time for campers to demonstrate what they have learned through the week to friends and family. At the end of the performance, the final team points are revealed and the winning team receives a prize.


Organized board games, card games, coloring sheets or other low-key activities to welcome children to camp and to allow for interaction among campers and between campers and staff.

Break-out Sessions

The primary instructional sessions where most music content is learned and students rehearse materials for the closing ceremony. Campers are divided by age group and rotate through two to three stations: Basics (instruments and music literacy), Chorale (singing) and Connections (arts and crafts).

Camper Showcase

Many children are involved in piano, voice, dance or other lessons. The Camper Showcase is an optional opportunity for campers to perform for their friends in a low-stress, no-competition environment. Camp staff or guest artists are also encouraged to perform.

Afternoon Game Time

Afternoon games are kinesthetic and energetic and incorporate musical skills and concepts from the morning lessons. Campers are grouped by teams where each team has an equal number of younger and older campers. Teams earn points through sportsmanship and winning games.

Coda Session

A time for any announcements campers may need to know for the following day. Campers also clean up, gather personal items and prepare for dismissal.

Additional Camp info

Camp Traditions

Like all camps, Camp Granada has its traditions that children remember throughout their lives. Although camp traditions are not vital to the success of the program, they do contribute to the camp-like atmosphere of the program and generate a sense of authenticity for all who participate.

Team Competition and Points

Campers are placed on teams that compete for points throughout the week. Points are earned by winning afternoon games, but primarily serve as a way to encourage good behavior and excellent character. Although points are earned through team competition, this aspect of Camp Granada is not in any way to be emphasized over learning. Team points are also awarded for good behavior, team spirit, cooperation with camp staff, or any time a camper demonstrates integrity, character or respect to another team member or camp staff.

Cecil (Mascot)

Our Camp Mascot is Cecil. Like an elf-on-the-shelf concept, Cecil sneaks around all day looking for campers with good attitudes, character, sportsmanship and respect. Each morning, Cecil praises a camper that was “caught” the previous day demonstrating one of these attributes, and that camper's team is awarded extra character points.

Students and instructors participating in a physically active game.
Students eagerly raising hands to answer questions.


Camp Granada is open to public, private and home-schooled students age 5 (having completed kindergarten) through 11 (having completed 5th grade).

Space is limited and is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, so enroll soon to ensure your child's spot!

Once you register your camper, please print and complete the Waiver Authorization form (in English | en Español) prior to the first day of camp and bring it with you to check in. If you prefer, you can email your completed form to [email protected] after you register your camper.

Thank you for your interest. Check back soon for 2024 dates and information.


The price for the camp is $80 for the first child and $60 for each additional sibling.

Registration fees include costs for a camp t-shirt for all campers. Late registrations will be accepted until one week prior to the first day of camp, but there is a likelihood that your child may not receive a camp shirt.

Once you complete the online registration form and pay the registration fee, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. In the weeks before camp, you will receive an additional e-mail reminder.

Meet Our Summer Camp Staff

Camp Granada staff members are hand-picked for their musical excellence, for their devotion to music education, and their calling to work with young children. Staff members are A&M-Commerce music education majors and certified music educators from the local community. All staff members complete a security background check, and a Camp Granada training session.

Portrait of Dr. Branscome.

“If you never make mistakes, you're not being creative enough.”

Dr. Eric (Igor) Branscome

Camp Granada Founder and Program Director

Camp Granada was founded by Dr. Eric Branscome, who writes the annual curriculum and oversees the administrative aspects of each year’s programs. Dr. Branscome is the Head of the Department of Music at A&M-Commerce. At camp, he goes by the name “Igor.” He has been an elementary music educator for over 20 years in Texas, Florida and Tennessee. His camp name, Igor, is based on the composer Igor Stravinsky, who was one of the most innovative and influential composers of the 20th century. Igor hopes that this camp name will inspire children's creativity in their own musical and non-musical endeavors.

Students gathered around a demonstration.


Arrival on opening day

On opening day, bring your camper to the check-in station located in the main lobby of the A&M-Commerce Music Building. You may park along the street, or in the main lot behind the music building. Campers will be assigned to a team, receive their camp shirt and you will have the opportunity to meet your camper's counselor.

Opening day check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m.

Arrival on all other days

Camp begins promptly at 9:00 a.m. Please sign in your camper at the check-in tables in the lobby no earlier than 8:45 a.m. each day.


At the end of each day, you will sign out your camper at the tables in Base Camp (we will have signs posted). We want to ensure that each child returns home safely so please remember to sign out. Children will not be released to anyone whose name was not included on the registration form. Please make arrangements with the camp director and your child's counselor any day you need to arrive late or pick up your camper early.

The Music Building is on the north corner of the State Highway 24 Frontage Road and University Drive, just across the street from Garvin Lake. View our interactive map of campus.

  • Lunch. Campers will not have access to vending machines or microwave.
  • Water Bottle (optional) with your child's name clearly labeled.
  • Materials for Camper Showcase (optional).

*We are not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items that campers choose to bring to camp.

  • Toys, cell phones, tablets or any other electronic device including games.
  • Unregistered friends or relatives of campers may not attend camp.
  • Prescription or non-prescription medicines or medical supplies. See The “Medical Information” section below for more information.

Camp Granada was created as a child-centered musical experience that encourages participation, stimulates creativity and focuses on fun. This goal can only be achieved when campers and counselors work together in an environment of mutual respect.

Therefore, we hold our campers accountable to certain behavioral standards. Fighting, stealing, bullying and disrespect to camp staff or fellow campers will not be tolerated. Significant or consistent discipline problems may cause your camper to be sent home. If you are asked to pick up your child for disciplinary reasons, the camp director will determine if and when your child may return. No refunds will be given for campers who are sent home for disciplinary reasons.

Prescription and non-prescription medications may only be administered by campers' parents or guardians. If your camper requires medication during camp hours, please come at the appropriate time to administer the medication. Campers may bring inhalers but please do not send your camper with any other medication. In the event there is a medical emergency during camp hours, the directors will call 911 first and then notify you. On the registration form, we will ask you to let us know if your child is allergic to any foods, latex balloons or other elements to which they may be exposed during camp.

If your child is ill

Please do not bring any child who is ill or has a related contagious ailment (lice, pink-eye, etc). Generally, children should be fever-free for 24 hours to participate in Camp Granada. If your child becomes ill or is injured during Camp Granada, you will receive an Incident Report to let you know what happened and how the situation was handled.


Camp Staff and campus personnel may occasionally take photographs or videos of camp activities for promotional materials. At check-in, parents/guardians will be asked to sign a photo release form. If you choose not to sign the photo release form, your child's photo will not be used.

The photo release form is included with the Waiver Authorization Form (in English | en Español). Please print and complete this form prior to the first day of camp and bring it with you to check in. If you prefer, you can email your completed form to [email protected] after you register your camper.

On or before the first day of camp, you will need to complete and print the TAMUC Waiver Authorization Form (in English | en Español) that provides your consent to allow your child to participate in a university-sponsored summer program. This form also contains a photo release form if you allow your child's photo to be used on future promotional materials. Please print and complete this form prior to the first day of camp and bring it with you to check-in. If you prefer, you can email your completed form to [email protected] after you register your camper.

  • No medication of any kind (including topical ointments) may be distributed by camp staff.
  • Each classroom has access to a basic first-aid kit for minor cuts and scrapes (Bandaids only)
  • Camp staff will complete an incident report anytime there is a related medical issue.
  • For medical emergencies, staff will immediately contact the Camp Director who will then call 911 and the parent/guardians of campers who were involved.

  • Camp Staff will handle minor behavioral issues as needed
  • Camp staff will complete an incident report for repeated or major behavioral issues
  • Camp staff will contact the camp director if assistance is needed (especially when a camper's behavior threatens the physical or emotional safety of staff or other campers)

If a suspicious person is seen in or around the camp facilities, camp staff will call the Camp Director immediately, and will not allow any children to leave the activity area. The Camp Director will then contact University Police.

In the event of a weather-related emergency, Camp Granada will follow the hosting school's standard procedure. Camp staff will quickly and quietly bring all campers to the pre-designated storm shelter. The A&M-Commerce Music Building has designated storm shelter rooms in the back practice-room hallway.

If the building's fire alarm sounds, camp staff will take their groups to the nearest exit and await further instructions.

Camp Internships

Camp Granada internships are available for high school students who participate in band, choir or orchestra. All internships are volunteer (unpaid). Hours that you serve may be applied to volunteer or community-service requirements of Beta Club, Honor Society or other school or church-based organizations. Applications are accepted until all positions are filled. If you have additional questions, contact [email protected]

How to Apply

There are a maximum of two internships available for each session. If you would like to apply for a Camp Granada Internship position:

  1. Complete the Camp Granada internship application.
  2. Once your application is received, your references may be contacted and you may be invited to the A&M-Commerce campus to participate in a brief interview with the Camp Director.
  3. Final decisions will be made and announced by May 15. We are unable to reply to phone calls, e-mails or other inquiries from unsuccessful applicants asking for justifications or defense of the decisions that were made. Successful applicants will receive an internship packet containing additional information. Finally, in compliance with official policy, all interns will be required to complete a criminal background check before working with minors.
  4. At the end of the summer, a letter will be sent to your administrator or sponsor certifying your volunteer service. You will also receive a copy of this letter for your personal records.

Internship FAQS

How will I benefit as a Camp Granada intern?

As an intern, you will participate in a rewarding, life-changing week of musical interaction with elementary school students. Internship positions were created so that high schoolers who may be considering careers as professional musicians, classroom or music teachers, or other child-centered professions, may gain pre-college first-hand experiences in their chosen field. Internships will also help you earn credit for most high school clubs and programs that require volunteer or community service points. As an intern, you will also be able to connect with professional musicians, music educators and senior-level college students so that you can gain some first-hand insight into various music and education career fields.

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When will I work?

There are four camp sessions and each session runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. Interns are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of camp, and to stay 15 minutes after. Interns are only required to work one week but may work extra weeks if available. You will be asked to provide your availability on the Internship Application.

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What will my duties be if I am hired?

Teacher’s Assistants

In the morning break-out sessions, campers are divided into age groups and rotate through a series of small-group classes that are led by Instructors. Interns sit with campers to make sure all campers are participating, understand the lesson content and are behaving appropriately.

Game Director’s Assistants

In the afternoon Game Time, campers are divided into teams that compete in p.e.-style activities that teach musical concepts. The Game Director organizes all activities while Interns help to manage equipment (set-up games while the Director explains activities to the campers), and ensure campers’ safety during play.

Team Leaders

Throughout the day, team leaders will work directly with campers in a variety of capacities: Lunch: Sit with campers during lunch, interact with children and monitor behaviors Break-out Sessions: Walk small groups of campers to their next activity while Instructors set-up for the next group Game-Time: Coach small groups of campers who have been assigned to a team to ensure camper safety and that all campers understand the rules of the games.

Administrative Assistants

Interns may be asked to fulfill other administrative tasks (making copies, preparing lesson materials, help with registration, check-in or check-out, delivering materials to a classroom, etc.)

Other Duties

Interns are asked to participate in the full camp environment of Camp Granada, including the camp songs and other traditions of the program.

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How many volunteer hours will I earn?

Preference will be given to interns who can work one full week. Interns who work an entire week will receive 30 hours of volunteer service (5 ½ hours each day plus a 2 ½ hour training session). No credit will be given for hours missed due to tardiness or absences. Interns who agree to work but fail to satisfactorily fulfill all requirements will not be given credit for hours worked. 

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