Start your Product Management career with a Product Owner Certificate

Gain an understanding of essentials to thrive intellectually and professionally in the product owner role. You will hone solid skill sets through practical hands-on experience as you prepare to deliver high quality products across industries.

Where It Is Offered Online
Duration 8 weeks
Foreign Language No foreign language credits required
Delivery Fully Online, Only Offered Online (100% Online)
Total Credit Hours 3 hours
Thesis Requirements No thesis required
Analyst talking to another professional, with computer screens in the background.

Product Ownership :: Featured Course

Business students outside school

Featured Course

The Product Owner Certification requires the completion of MKT 597 (Product Ownership).

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Equip attendees with the real-life competencies needed to succeed in the product owner role.
  • Understand role variations within different industries and the application of various skill sets to meet those unique needs.
  • Explore career options within the product management field and leverage networks to accelerate career growth.
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