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Teaching candidates in our EC-6 and 4-8 certification programs participate in a year-long teacher residency. During your first semester of student teaching, you will spend 2-3 days each week in school settings in addition to your weekly seminar with university faculty. In your final semester, you will complete a full-time clinical teaching experience. This model has earned A&M-Commerce recognition as one of only 15 educator preparation programs in the state to earn placement on the Texas Vetted Teacher Residency list.

As a secondary or all-level teaching candidate, you will complete core content coursework in the department specific to your desired teaching subject before completing a full-time clinical teaching experience in your final semester.

Meet with an Advisor

The first step toward earning your teacher certification is meeting with an advisor to prepare your degree evaluation. Your evaluation will indicate the coursework necessary to meet your degree and certification requirements. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Consult the Department of Curriculum and Instruction for:

  • Early childhood through sixth grade
  • 4-8 grade math, science, math/science
  • 4-8 grade English language arts, reading

Consult the corresponding academic department for:

  • 4-8 grade social studies
  • 8-12 grade content areas
  • All-level content areas
A student teacher is showing a student how to complete school work.

Field-Based Teacher Certification Resources

Our undergraduate teacher certification program provides active clinical experiences in the field. View the resources below for more information on different aspects of our program. Questions about this information can be directed to Mitzi Hughes in the Office of Educator Certification and Academic Services.

Download the field-based teacher candidate handbook for details and expectations regarding the educator preparation program at A&M-Commerce.

To apply to the Field-Based Teacher Education Program, you must be enrolled in ELED or SED 300. You will be required to purchase Tk20 (data collection system) to access program application.

You must meet the following requirements to gain admission to the Field-Based Teacher Education Program:

  1. Overall GPA must be 2.65
  2. Have a minimum of 12 semester credit hours in the subject-specific content area for the certification sought. A minimum of 15 semester credit hours is required for certification sought in mathematics or science at or above grade seven;
  3. TSI Complete – demonstrate basic skills in reading, written communication, and mathematics;
  4. Participate in either an interview or other screening instrument (YouTube video) to determine applicant's knowledge, experience, skills and aptitude are appropriate for the certification sought;
  5. Accept offer of admission to the field-based program by completing an Acceptance Survey in Tk20.

The application screening process occurs throughout the semester in which the student is enrolled in ELED or SED 300.

For initial teacher certification, the candidate must complete early field experience classroom observation for a minimum of 30 clock hours prior to assignment for clinical student teaching.

Field-based experiences must be instructional or educational activities that include:

Authentic school settings in a public school accredited by the TEA or other school approved by the TEA for this purpose:

  1. instruction by content certified teachers;
  2. actual students in classrooms/instructional settings with identity-proof provisions;
  3. content or grade-level specific classrooms/instructional settings; and
  4. written reflection of the observation.

Multiple courses require early field experience classroom observation.

ELED 300 and SED 300 require 30 hours of early field experience.


You will be required to purchase an online data collection system, Tk20, as part of the course requirement. Tk20 is a data collection tool that houses applications/information/documents/assessments, etc. for our teacher education students.

You must have a Tk20 student account to complete the EFE observation process.


  1. You may complete observation in any TEA accredited school.
  2. You are responsible for contacting the school district to request a placement, and must follow district policies and protocol to secure the placement, i.e. complete district application, criminal background check, fingerprinting, etc.
  3. If you are enrolled in more than one course requiring observation, you may use the same observation placement to fulfill requirements. The maximum number of observation hours you will complete is 30 hours.
  4. If you are an educational aide, you may complete your observation experience on your campus of employment, but you must be observing a mentor teacher administering curriculum to students. If you are enrolled in ELED or SED 300, you are required to complete 30 hours of observation. You may observe 15 hours of observation in the classroom you are assigned, but you must complete 15 hours in a classroom with another

The application for student teaching is housed in Tk20. Students must have a Tk20 account in order to make application for student teaching. Students must apply for their student teaching placement in the Field-Based Teacher Education program during the spring/fall semester prior to beginning internship. The application process begins first class day of the semester, and is only available during a designated timeframe. Applications must be submitted in Tk20 by the designated due date. Applications may not be processed past this date. Students should contact their major advisor for questions concerning readiness to apply for student teaching.

NOTE: An applicant may not be placed on a campus as an intern or resident in which a family member is employed, i.e. principal, teacher, educational aide, custodian, etc. Placement in such a situation is a conflict of interest and is not permissible.

Placement in a student's first district choice is not guaranteed. Placement in any school district is contingent upon the number of applicants requesting a specific district, and the availability of available mentors. Placement in a student's second district choice may be necessary to secure an internship placement for student teaching.

The following must be met to be approved to student teach:

● Full admission into the Field-Based Teacher Education program (interview process and determination completed during ELED/SED 300);

● Documented 30 hours of Early Field Experience Observation and Online Reflection (completed during ELED/SED 300);

● Receive departmental approval from respective academic department (obtained by teacher certification staff). Note: A department may prevent a student from interviewing or beginning internship for academic or professional behavioral reasons. In addition, a department may require higher GPA and/or course grade requirements;

● Satisfactory completion of the basic skills requirements: Candidates must be TSI complete in reading, math and writing to be approved for student teaching.

● Senior standing (completion of approximately 80 semester hours of college coursework);

● Meet overall GPA requirements – 2.75 GPA required;

● Complete required interdisciplinary core, specialization, and professional development coursework, with a grade of “C” or better, and required GPA as follows: EC-6 and 4-8 – GPA of 2.75 required; Secondary/EC-12 – GPA of 2.75 required.

● Mandatory participation in partnership district interviews. A successful interview resulting in a placement is required to complete student teaching.

The following must be met to obtain approval to complete residency:

● Completion of all required interdisciplinary core, specialization, and professional development coursework, with grade of “C” or better, and GPA of 2.75;

● Continue to meet overall GPA requirements – GPA of 2.75 required;

● Pass the Content TExES Exam for your certification area

● The student teaching candidate is required to have personal transportation to meet the attendance demands of both internship and residency, i.e. two days in the district during internship and five days in the district during residency.

An essential part of the application process is a successful interview with a partnership school district. The following districts are partners in the field-based program. Unless otherwise indicated, they interview all certification levels and accept interns in both the fall and spring semesters. All placements are tentative until prerequisites have been met.

NOTE: Sites are subject to elimination or combining based on number of applicants.

Partnership School Districts

Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC)

Corsicana Center

Dallas Center

East Texas Center

Mesquite Metroplex Center

NOTE: Sites are subject to elimination or combining based on number of applicants.

The applications for Fall 2024 student teaching are available during the Spring 2024 semester, and may be accessed in Tk20. The application will be available until 12:00 midnight, Sunday, February 4th. Late submissions will not be accepted. Once the application closes, it will not be reopened for late submissions.

Applications are housed in TK20.

Please read the following information carefully!

You will need the following items in order to apply:

  • Pay $40 non-refundable and non-transferable application fee.
    • Upload copy of payment receipt into TK20.
  • Complete the Application for Student Teaching in Tk20.


If you do not have a TK20 student account you may purchase one, one of two ways.

  • Contact the University Bookstore (students qualifying for Financial Aid may opt to purchase through the Bookstore)
  • Login to TK20 and set up your student account by clicking on “Click here to register your student account” – Located on the left-hand side at the bottom.


  1. Go to the Applications tab located in the left side menu.
  2. Click on the green “Create New Application” button.
  3. Select the “Application for Field-Based Student Teaching” from the dropdown menu and then hit the green “Next” button.
  4. Complete the application as directed. Any fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in before the system will let you submit.
  5. Once you have started an application, you have 3 options:
    • Save: You can click this at any time and return at a later time to finish the application.
    • Submit: This will submit your application for final review. Edit before submitting!
    • Cancel: Use this to exit the application without saving any changes.
  6. Note: If you do NOT see the name of the application you need to complete, you may be attempting to complete it AFTER its due date has passed
  7. Once you have submitted an application, it may not be recalled. Please check for correct spelling, accuracy, and district selection(s) while completing the application for student teaching.

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Reminders of scheduled interviews will not be sent by teacher certification staff. Attendance at an interview is mandatory for placement within a district. Please attend your first interview choice only. If you are not placed in your first choice district, you will be notified.

Note: Placements in any location are dependent upon numbers. A&M-Commerce reserves the right to combine or eliminate locations based on low numbers

Secondary/All-Level Applicants do not currently participate in the interview process. Please reach out to Mitzi Hughes if you have questions regarding your secondary placement.

Caddo Mills ISDMonday, March 25th8:00am-2:30pm Individual InterviewsCaddo Mills Admin Bldg,
100 Fox Ln, Caddo Mills, TX
Commerce ISDMonday, April 1st9:00am-1:00pm Individual InterviewsCommerce Admin Bldg,
3315 Washington, Commerce, TX
Greenville ISDTBDTBDBowie Elementary,
400 Moulton, Greenville, TX
Sulphur Springs ISDTuesday, April 2nd4:00 pmSulphur Springs Administration Bldg,
631 Connally Street, Sulphur Springs, TX
Tatum Elementary SchoolFebruary 221:00 – 2:00 pm405 N Washington St.
Farmersville, TX 75442
Wylie ISDTuesday, March 5th

NOTE: Placements in any location are dependent upon numbers. A&M-Commerce reserves the right to combine or eliminate locations based on low numbers.

When will I know if I've been placed?

You will receive your tentative placement via phone or e-mail.

If you are currently employed in a TEA accredited school as an educational aide, you may complete your certification through the Educational Aide program. The degree plan is revised to accommodate a daytime work schedule with evening, online and/or summer course offerings.

The student teaching (job) placement must be approved by the Office of Educator Certification and Academic Services and must meet the requirements as outlined by the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) for clinical student teachers:

  1. Match the grade level and specialization/teaching field in which the candidate is seeking certification.
  2. Be assigned a mentor teacher in an authentic classroom setting.
  3. Perform instructional duties for a full day (7 hours per day of instruction and planning) where the educational aide is “doing the work of a teacher of record” under the guidance and supervision of their cooperating teacher. For example, lesson planning, delivering instruction, implementing classroom management plan, grading, communicating with parents, etc.
  4. Clinical teaching shall not be less than four (4) hours each day in the subject area and grade level of certification sought.
  5. Complete clinical student teaching for 16 weeks.
  6. Must hold an Educational Aid certificate.

Note: It is at the discretion of the school district to allow an educational aide to complete student teaching and meet requirements as mandated by TEA, while maintaining employment status as an educational aide.

For information and advising regarding the Field-Based Educational Aide program and completing student teaching as an educational aide contact the following:

  1. EC-6 and 4-8 education students contact Mitzi Hughes at [email protected]
  2. Secondary Education students contact Mitzi Hughes at [email protected].
  3. All-level Special Education students contact the CoEHS Mentor Center – Education North room 204, or contact 903.468.3144 for advising. Once you have sought advisement from the Mentor Center, you may contact Mitzi Hughes for information on the student teaching process. [email protected]

Note: For information on your respective degree/major, you must contact your academic/major advisor in your respective academic department. Staff in the Educator Certification Office do not advise on a student's degree/major – only on the certification process.

To gain admission to the Field-Based program, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Submit the Program Application during ELED or SED 300;
  2. Participate in the Admission Interview process conducted by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (completed during ELED or SED 300), and be recommended for admission to the program;
  3. Satisfactory completion of Basic Skills Requirements: Candidates must be TSI complete in Reading, Math, and Writing.
  4. Meet Overall GPA requirement of 2.65.

Full admission to the Field-Based Teacher Education program is required prior to completing an internship as an educational aide.

Students must submit an application to complete Internship as an educational aide in the Field-Based Teacher Education program. The application process occurs during the spring/fall semester prior to beginning internship. Students should contact their academic advisor for questions concerning readiness to apply for student teaching.

The application for Fall 2024 Educational Aide student teaching opens on March 11, 2024. The deadline to apply for Fall 2024 student teaching is 12:00 p.m. midnight, Sunday, March 31st.

An educational aide must submit an application for student teaching the semester prior to completing an internship. Application for student teaching is housed in Tk20 and will be available in the fall and spring semesters. Full admission to the teacher education program is required prior to completing an internship as an educational aide. If you have questions about the application process, please contact [email protected].

NOTE: Approval of the school district is required for any educational aide to complete student teaching while maintaining employment status as an educational aide. This is at the discretion of the school district.

The ultimate goal of the student teaching experience is the preparation of an effective, skilled and independent educator.

The Field-Based Teacher Education program is a two (2) semester program, Internship (pre-clinical) and Residency (clinical). Intern semester and clinical teaching semester require teacher candidates to be immersed in the profession of teaching at their target certification and level. They will be placed in a classroom assigned to a cooperating teacher for two (2) full semesters, and will be engaged in planning, teaching and assessing lessons for small and large groups of students. The field experience also includes preparing materials, meeting with other teachers or parents, completing practice teaching requirements assigned by their courses and otherwise assisting the cooperating teacher in ways that provide experience with the complex work of teaching. In addition, teacher candidates will spend significant time developing the ability to reflect on what they are learning by documenting their learning in various ways.

The objectives of the intern and resident semesters of the field-based program are twofold: (1) to learn about content, pedagogy, technology, classroom management, assessment and evaluation as they move from theory to practice through course content and seminars; and (2) to learn about schools, students, planning, and the teaching and learning process by working in a field-based setting with cooperating teachers. The assessment and evaluation of interns address performance in both the field-based and seminar setting. During the internship semester, Educational Aide teacher candidates participate in weekly online seminars and spend two (2) days per week at four (4) hour intervals in the student teaching placement. During the residency semester, Educational Aide teacher candidates participate in weekly online seminars and will be in the student teaching assignment for the entire school day, with four (4) hours per day doing instructional duties in their target certification, following the district calendar, for the entire 16-week semester.

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) has established a totally paperless, online process for filing for educator certification in Texas.

If you have questions or difficulty with regard to the SBEC web page, you may contact the certification office for assistance.


Please read all requirements and procedures below prior to accessing the online standard certification application.

After completion of ALL degree and certification requirements, students must apply for the teaching certificate online through their TEAL account.

Requirements that must be met prior to applying for certification:

  1. Continued admission and retention in the Teacher Education Program.
  2. Successful completion of all requirements listed on the degree or deficiency plan, including required GPA's and appropriate tests (i.e., ExCET/TExES and TOPT).

Note: Degree must be conferred by the university.

Application Procedures:

  • Log-in to TEAL (Click on “Request New User Account” if you are a first-time user.)
  • Click on the tab APPLICATIONS
  • Fill in all sections of the application.
  • On the field that says “I request to be recommended by this Entity” Undergraduate Teacher Certification Candidates Select: TEXAS A&M University-Commerce (University Based)

Note: If you select the incorrect university, Texas A&M University-Commerce will not have access to see your application. If you do not select the “university based” option you will have to submit another application and there will be a delay in university processing.

  • When all information has been entered, click on APPLY.
  • Pay appropriate fees, including the application fee and fingerprinting fee.
  • Complete the fingerprinting process.
  • Use the tab labeled APPLICATION STATUS to make sure that your payment was processed. You can also use this tab to check your application status at a future date.

* You will receive an email confirmation from SBEC after the university has completed its recommendation. Once all activities have successfully been performed, SBEC will process the issuing of the certificate. The certificate will be issued and placed on the TEAL website under the “View Certificates.” Paper certificates are no longer issued by the SBEC. Your official certificate is online and you can print a copy.

Questions regarding the processing of applications for standard certification can be directed to [email protected].

Note: Records that are not fully processed within 60 days will be deleted. If deleted, you will be required to file again through SBEC

A female science teacher showing an experiment to children.


We offer a variety of content areas for teacher certification at the undergraduate level. For more information on each certificate area offered, click on the program information in this section.

Agricultural Science and Technology (BS) Teaching Emphasis

You will gain competencies in technical and production agriculture as well as methods and techniques for teaching and planning courses. Additionally, you will learn to organize and conduct on-farm agricultural instruction and demonstration programs for schools and the community at large. Indoors or outdoors, you'll spread important, life-sustaining skills to future generations.

Chemistry (BS) Teaching Emphasis

There is a growing need for STEM educators. A degree in chemistry with a teacher certification will allow you to combine your passion for chemistry and the classroom. You’ll take courses in general and organic chemistry, physics, and biology. Our program offers specialized teaching courses for chemistry teachers including roles and responsibilities for STEM educators, technology-infused curriculum, and project-based learning in STEM. You’ll be required to complete a teaching residency senior year. After graduating, you’ll be certified to teach science at the secondary level (grades 7-12).

Computer Information Systems (BSCIS) Teaching Emphasis

Our comprehensive program gives you the tools needed to excel as a data scientist and STEM educator. You’ll study a wide range of programming, database technologies, data structures and computer networks. This program prepares you for the classroom by offering courses in technology-infused curriculum, roles and responsibilities of STEM educators, and pedagogy. After graduating, you’ll be ready to teach computer science at the secondary level (grades 7-12).

History (BA/BS) Teaching Emphasis

Through this degree you will become trained in the discipline of history. Students will gain knowledge of the human past, practice historical research and writing and learn to analyze and interpret evidence and historical interpretations. This program orients these skills toward the knowledge needed to teach history at the 7-12 grade levels.

Music Education (BM)

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree, combined with professional education requirements, provides students with the information and skills to be a music educator at all levels and prepares them to take the exams for teacher certification in Texas. Though students are prepared to teach instrumental and vocal music at all grade levels, the curriculum allows them to select one of three areas of emphasis: (1) elementary general—preparation for teaching general music in the elementary grades, (2) secondary choral—preparation for organizing and directing choral organizations at the secondary level; or (3) secondary instrumental—preparation for directing bands and orchestras at the secondary level.

Physics (BA/BS) Teaching Emphasis

There is a growing need for STEM educators. A degree in physics with a teaching emphasis takes your knowledge to the high-school classroom. You’ll take courses in electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics and modern physics. Our program offers specialized education classes in teaching and learning physics, science and math education theory, and project-based learning in STEM. Once graduated, you’ll be certified to teach physics at the secondary level (grades 7-12).

Hispanic Studies (BA) Teaching Emphasis

Our program encourages and equips Spanish educators. No matter your proficiency level, we have language courses designed for you. You’ll study the history, politics, social structures and traditions of Spain and Latin America. Our combined Spanish and teaching program prepares you for the high school classroom. You’ll take courses in methods for teaching Spanish, issues in Spanish literature and culture, and Hispanic linguistics. After graduating, you’ll be certified to teach Spanish at the secondary level (grades 7-12).

Theatre (BA/BS) Teaching Emphasis

Our program equips you with the acting, directing and production skills needed for the high school classroom. You’ll take courses in stage management, theatre operations, costume design and lighting. Gain insight into modern theatre and theatre of varying cultures through our course offerings. Our combined theatre and education program prepares you for a career in teaching. You’ll take courses in pedagogy, learning processes and development, and classroom management. After completing a teaching residency, you’ll be certified to teach theatrical arts at the secondary level (grades 7-12).


Student preforming lab experiment.

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