What Can Your Team Achieve?

The challenge course at A&M-Commerce provides the ideal location and programming to get your team out of the office, the classroom, or wherever their comfort zone is to challenge, develop, reflect and learn in the outdoors.

The course features two element types. Low elements are activities that take place lower to the ground, requiring the group to work together to accomplish a task. High elements are activities that take place up to 40′ off the ground, challenging participants to step out of their comfort zones and allowing the group to encourage others to do the same. Our most popular activities are the dual zip line, a leap of faith and our giant swing.

Our Outdoor Adventure staff will guide your team through a series of ever-increasing challenges to help the group feel more confident, engaged and ready to take on the next challenge.

Program Options

Let your team challenge each other by completing a
variety of initiatives, games, and obstacles where
teamwork isn't just encouraged but required to succeed. These activities foster:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking

Elements Include

Challenge your group's balance while also working on communication. Can you all arrange yourself in birthday order? By your favorite animal? What if you can't speak to each other? How will you accomplish it then?

Can your team work together to keep your imaginary boat from sinking? Can you find your team’s equilibrium and keep it together as you traverse our giant seesaw?

The Spider's Web is a large-sized “spider web” that participants must get through or move items through in a systematic fashion in order to complete the task.

Islands consist of three platforms and two boards. The group is split into two groups onto the two largest platforms and then they must switch platforms using the tools given to them.

Team Dodgeball begins with one person being “it.” That person will then tag someone else with the ball making that person “it” with them. Each person that is hit with the ball then becomes part of the collective “it”. The last person not it “wins” the activity. What makes this activity difficult is you are not allowed to move other than pivoting while touching the ball.

Participants are given a set of shapes that make up a square. They then will be asked to put it back into the shape of a square or make other shapes from a diagram.

The group is given a hula hoop and every group member must balance the hula hoop on their index fingers and lower the hoop to the ground.

Bulls Rings consist of a ring with strings attached. Then each group member group must grab a string and transport a ball on the ring to another location.

The group is given a number of “stones” that will allow them to cross a “raging river”. If the stones leave contact with the body/feet then they rush down the river and are lost. The goal is to get the whole group across the river.

The group is given a set of “skis” (4×4's with rope run through them). The group must all stand on the “skis” and work together to move to another location.

Push yourself and your team to the limit up to 40′ in the
air with adrenaline-pumping obstacles and invigorating
experiences. These activities foster:

  • Personal growth
  • Team comradery
  • Trust building
  • Expanding comfort zones

Race yourself or your friends up our 30-foot climbing wall to the top of the Zip Tower. Can you muster the determination and drive to make it to the top?

Fly down our 300-foot zip line and see who gets
to the bottom first! Our most popular attraction
will have your heart in your throat
and get your adrenaline pumping!

Conquer Your Limits

The challenge course is not only a fun and adventurous escape from the daily routine but also a powerful tool for personal development, leadership training and team building.

Two students climbing up a board.
Female students ziplining.
A male student walking over a board.
A group of students watching a challenge.
A zipline challenge courses.
A tower for zipline.
Challenge Ropes Course at the Outdoor Advanture.


Step 1: Submit Request
  • All requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the date of the event
Step 2: Review
  • Upon review, we may follow up to clarify any information
Step 3: Quote
  • Once approved, we will provide a written quote via email.
Step 4: Payment
  • Payment can be made the day of or before your event by paying in person or over the phone.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected]


ProgramDurationA&M-Commerce GroupOutside Group
Low Ropes Experience2-3 Hours$0-$25 per person$25 per person
High Ropes Experience2-3 Hours$0-$35 per person$35-55 per person
Hybrid Low and High Experience3-6 Hours$0-$35 per person$35 per person

*Prices are per person and a minimum of 10 participants is required.

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