The Innovations in Systems Trust and Resilience (iSTAR) lab, located at the Texas A&M University RELLIS Campus in Bryan, Texas, is a positive and enriching environment that supports undergraduate and graduate research in the field of cybersecurity.

Eman Hammad, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at A&M-Commerce and serves as director of the iSTAR lab.

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News Spotlights

Student Researchers

Check out the innovative cybersecurity research projects our student researchers are working on.

Nick Garcia

I am working in efficient trust platforms for mIoT ecosystems.

Truman Brown

I am researching dynamic, modular and automated cyber-range platforms.

Kumar Kulala

I am working on utilizing deception techniques to improve cyber-physical systems resilience.

Caleb Hamilton

I am working on cyber-risk assessment and anomaly detection of IE61850 and COOSE traffic in Smart Gr…

Robert Freas Marburger

I am working on systematic and real-time evaluation of cybersecurity incidence response.

Tyler Harrison

I am researching dynamic, modular and automated cyber-range platforms.

Facilities @ RELLIS

Internet of Things (IoT) Apartment Laboratory

Built with standard construction techniques, including electrical and plumbing infrastructure, our 400-square-foot residential apartment lab provides space to research the Internet of Things and Internet of Medical Things. We apply several of our research project at the IoT Apartment.

SCADA Laboratory

Work on projects, coursework assignments and student internships in our industry-sponsored 900-square-foot SCADA lab. The SCADA lab will facilitate applied research projects for OT/ICS/IIoT security

Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center

Participate in research, innovative cybersecurity education, and academic, commercial, and government partnerships at the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center. We have active and continuous collaborations with the center.

Texas Cyber-Range @RELLIS

iSTAR team developed our own open-source based cyber range at the RELLIS campus. The range is used to support students gain experience with hands-on cybersecurity and cyber-operations education in a large-scale, visualized environment. Continuous development of the range will enable future research into cybersecurity education and analytics.

Contact Us

  • The RELLIS Campus, ACB1, room 338
  • 3100 TX-47
  • Bryan, TX 77807
  • 1425 Bryan Road
  • Bryan, TX 77807
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