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STEM is more than a discipline; it’s an alliance. Join a community of educators and innovators as you discover the wonders of science and mathematics. The STEM Education Alliance brings four disciplines together to benefit all. Through collaboration, education and innovation, you’ll learn better ways to teach STEM to the high school and college classrooms. Gain collegiate-level teaching experience through our Learning Assistant program. You’ll also have access to several scholarships designed specifically for you.

STEM Education Alliance :: CAPE

Physics Educators

Community for the Advancement of Physics Education (CAPE) is formed by current physics high school teachers to support one another. Collaborate with your peers as you share creative ways to bring physics education to the high school classroom.

Get Involved

  • Participate in Physics Day, a teaching workshop for local high school educators and students.
  • Inspire young women in high school to pursue physics degrees by incorporating lesson plans from STEP UP.
  • Network with other physics high school teachers.

Student preforming lab experiment.
High School Students With Tutor Using Microscope In Biology Class

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STEM Education Alliance :: COSINE

Cosine logo.

Community of Science and Instruction in Northeast Texas (COSINE) brings together high school STEM educators, university Learning Assistants and Noyce scholars to provide professional development and support. Become involved by joining the Noyce Program or CAPE community.

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STEM Education Alliance :: LAs

Group standing in front of a building.

Learning Assistants

Are you an undergraduate student who wants to help teach classes? Become a tutor through our Learning Assistants (LA) program. Over 30 Integrated Sciences and STEM courses offer opportunities for you. Gain the experience you need before teaching at the high school or college level. Not only will you help students understand STEM, but you’ll benefit too!

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STEM Education Alliance :: Noyce


Receive up to $11,500 of scholarships through the Noyce Scholarship Program! Open to physics, chemistry, biology and math majors, the Noyce Program is here to support you and provide financial assistance.

The Noyce Scholarship Application is now closed.

Noyce Teacher Scholarship Pathway

To qualify for this scholarship you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in one of the following teaching tracks:
    • Biological Sciences B.S. – Secondary Certification (Grades 7 -12) Life Sciences
    • Chemistry B.S. – Teacher Certification Option
    • Mathematics, 7-12 Teacher Certification B.A./B.S.
    • Physics B.A./B.S. with Teaching Emphasis
    • Computer Information Systems B.S.C.I.S Teacher Certification, 7-12 Computer Science
    • B.A./B.S. – Teacher Certification, MLED, 4-8 ESL Mathematics
    • B.A./B.S. – Teacher Certification, MLED, 4-8 ESL Science
    • B.A./B.S. – Teacher Certification, MLED, 4-8 Math/Science
    • B.A./B.S. – Teacher Certification, MLED, 4-8 Mathematics
    • B.A./B.S. – Teacher Certification, MLED, 4-8 Science
  • Take part in the Learning Assistant program
  • Participate in the Summer Noyce workshops and network with in-service high school teachers

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STEM : News

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Our Team

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Department of Physics and Astronomy :: Contact

Contact Us

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  • Commerce, TX 75429-3011
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