Accounting is the Backbone of Business

A&M-Commerce recruits top students to major in accounting. You'll learn the foundations for a career in business and for continuing your graduate education. Our faculty use their knowledge and professional experience to prepare you for the professional world and ensure your success in the accounting profession, including preparing you for all the major certification exams. Our classes provide you with the skills necessary for success across a wide array of industries in today’s complex and global accounting job market.

Nationally-Ranked Affordable Programs

The College of Business has been recognized by the highly anticipated U.S. News & World Report rankings for 2023 for several programs.

  • 66th for Best Online Bachelor's in Business Programs


The accounting program at A&M-Commerce is uniquely designed to prepare you for a successful career and, more importantly, life! Over 100 years, this program has evolved and developed with the long-term success of our graduates in mind. You will not only learn critical analytical skills, you will learn how to communicate through financial data as well. Accounting is the backbone of business. It is vitally important for companies and small businesses alike to have accountants to keep records organized, back up tax returns and help guide financial decision making. An accounting degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce will prepare you to sit for the CPA and CFA exams and open the door to careers in public accounting.

Your first year you will take a combination of university core and business core classes. All students must take these classes, and they are a very important part of your business education. Many students take mostly core classes with one or two courses related to their major each semester.


Begin with core classes. These are essential for building a strong foundation.

  • College Reading and Writing
    ENG 1301
  • U.S. History to 1877
    HIST 1301
  • Mathematics for Business Applications I
    MATH 1324
  • U.S. Life & Physical Science Elective
  • Business Computer Systems
    BUSA 1305


Continue taking your university core classes. Completing an elective or two this semester is important as well.

  • College Reading and Writing
    ENG 1302
  • U.S. History from 1865
    HIST 1302
  • Math for Bus. Applications II
    MATH 1325
  • U.S. Life & Physical Science Elective
  • Advisor-approved elective

Your second year, take the remainder of your university core classes along with a few business core and electives. Expand your mind and learn how to think like a professional.


You made it through your first year. Continue ahead with electives and core courses.

  • United States Government and Politics
    PSCI 2305
  • Principles of Accounting I
    ACCT 2301
  • Principles of Macro Economics
    ECO 2301
  • Advisor-Approved Degree Pathway Elective
  • US Lit, Philosophy, Culture Elective


Finish taking the remainder of your core classes. Good things are coming!

  • Texas Government and Politics
    PSCI 2306
  • Principles of Accounting II
    ACCT 2302
  • Principles of Micro Economics
    ECO 2302
  • Advisor-Approved Elective
  • US Creative Arts Elective

During your third year, you will begin to focus on upper-level coursework and take classes related to your major. It’s also a great time to snag an internship or co-op which may count as a class towards your degree.


Start taking classes relating to your major. Things are about to get exciting!

  • Fin Stmt Analysis for Global Ent-or Income Tax
    ACCT 311 or ACCT 340
  • Intermediate Accounting I
    ACCT 321
  • Principles of Management
    MGT 305
  • Legal Env. of Business
    MGT 301
  • Marketing
    MKT 306


Keep up the good work! Senior year is right around the corner.

  • Fin Stmt Analysis for Global Ent-or Income Tax
    ACCT 311 or ACCT 340
  • Intermediate Accounting II
    ACCT 322
  • Intro. To Business Finance
    FIN 304
  • Bus. & Eco. Statistics
    ECO 302
  • Business Communication
    MGT 303

During your fourth year, you will finish taking your upper-level business courses and Accounting classes. As you get ready to graduate, interview with companies that you dream about working for. You will find alumni who know the quality of TAMUC graduates at businesses worldwide.


You are so close to being done. Stay strong!

  • Govt. & NFP Accounting
    ACCT 437
  • Operations Management
    MGT 307
  • Accounting Elective
    ACCT (421, 430, 431, 435)
  • Accounting Information Systems
    ACCT 326
  • Data & Information Mgt
    BUSA 326


It’s the home stretch, and graduation is your next step. You got this!

  • Auditing
    ACCT 427
  • Cost Accounting
    ACCT 412
  • UL Accounting or Business Elective
  • Accounting Elective
    ACCT (421, 430, 431, 435)
  • Business Strategy
    MGT 439

Course Rotations

COB Benefits IMA Accounting and Finance

The A&M-Commerce Business Advantage

Here you will gain the knowledge, confidence and the practical tools you need to become a professional, ready to compete in the marketplace.

AACSB Accreditation logo



Earn a valuable degree from a fully accredited business program. Since 1976, the College of Business has held this prestigious designation making it one of roughly 800 institutions to hold such a distinction worldwide.


Endorsed by the IMA

Our Department of Accounting and Finance is endorsed by the Institute for Management Accountants, which means our programs adequately prepare students to take the Certified Management Accountant certification exam.

Student Experience

World-class Faculty

Engage with exceptional faculty who are both significant scholars and industry leaders that provide you with personalized attention. Renowned for their research and enterprising spirit, learn from the best to be the best with industry insights they provide.

Career Services

Your Future

Explore careers and develop a plan as you meet one-on-one with our career coaches. Our team will help you curate your resume and cover letters, prep you with mock interviews, provide you with professional headshots, and offer you employment opportunities and access to network with some of the largest companies across several industries.


Funding Your Future

Committed to investing in our students’ futures, our programs are not only affordable but of great value. In addition to the scholarships available from A&M-Commerce, the College of Business offers scholarships specifically for business students.


Global Exposure

Students will develop, apply and hone evolving skills to ensure their success here in Texas and abroad.

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A degree in accounting will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills that prepare you for the demands of the global business environment.
  • Prepare you for a number of certification exams.
  • Learn about federal income tax on both individual and corporate levels.
  • Sharpen your abilities to research, analyze and communicate topics in accounting and/or tax by using qualitative and/or quantitative research methodology.
  • Gain an understanding of cost management concepts.
  • Explore information systems that provide accounting and other information to make effective and efficient decisions.


Accounting gives you the ability to achieve competency in internal control systems, managerial accounting, income tax accounting, financial accounting and not-for-profit accounting. Our combination of educational and real-world application creates an active and engaging learning experience that offers access to faculty whose collective expertise spans all major areas of economics and finance. As a result, graduates are well-positioned to transition quickly when internship and job opportunities present themselves.

Career Possibilities and Current Median Salaries

Finance Director
Corporate Controller
Finance Manager
Tax Manager
$99,700 Mid-career salaries are listed.

What You Will Learn

In our undergraduate-level accounting program, you will be introduced to the core principles and foundations of accounting through challenging, fast-paced coursework and collaboration with accomplished peers. You will be prepared for a career in all areas of accounting, including public accounting, private industry, financial institutions, public utility companies, governmental agencies and other not-for-profit entities.

Courses to Prepare You for Your Career

  • Foundation courses including math for business applications, principles of accounting, principles of management and business computing systems
  • Core finance courses including global financial statement analysis, accounting information systems and individual and corporate income tax accounting
Accounting students in Dallas

Course Delivery and Resources

We offer this program in two formats to better suit your needs. You may complete the upper-level coursework either online or in a face-to-face format. You will indicate the format you wish to pursue when you speak with your advisor. Should you decide to continue your education, we offer a graduate-level accounting degree to fit your lifestyle and career aspirations.

Student Stories

Undergraduate Program Costs

Program Costs

Tuition and fees for undergraduate students taking 12 credit hours are $4,212 for Texas residents and $9,108 for non-residents.

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