You'll learn to develop next-level trainers and leaders who utilize the latest learning strategies and technologies spanning a wide range of curricula and learning environments. Our fully online programs allow you to complete your degree on your terms to fit your unique lifestyle. Make your mark in higher education by joining our Lion pride today!

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Higher Education and Learning Technologies: Graduate Programs

Educational Technology (MED/MS)

Educational technology is an online program designed to prepare students for leadership roles in technology integration in K-16 settings. The program focuses on designing digital learning experiences, developing a learning-centered philosophy of technology integration, communicating effectively using a variety of media, and applying research to make informed decisions for integrating technologies into teaching and learning.

Educational Technology Library Science (MS/MED)

A master’s degree in educational technology library science from A&M-Commerce combines the core coursework for the master’s in educational technology with the coursework required for school librarian certification in Texas. Students engage in experiential, project-and problem-based learning opportunities to create an e-portfolio of work to share with colleagues and future employers. Graduates of the program earn credentials to become certified Texas School Librarians or Library Media Specialists.

Higher Education (MS)

At A&M-Commerce, we offer one of the nation’s largest Higher Education programs, giving you excellence in education and endless opportunities. Our flexible degree prepares you for a wide-range of careers in academic counseling, college teaching, educational policymaking, or nonprofit organizations.

Organization, Learning and Technologies (MS)

The Master of Science in Organization, Learning and Technologies program is a multidisciplinary study of human resource development, organizational leadership and organizational change in a variety of organizational settings. This program is particularly aimed at students and working professionals aspiring to learn or improve themselves as leaders, trainers and organizational improvement specialists.

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Higher Education and Learning Technologies: Graduate Certificates

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Higher Education and Learning Technologies: Undergraduate Programs

Learning and Technologies (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Learning and Technology equips entry-level personnel in the field of eLearning (adult training and development) for practice in public education, private education, business, industry and non-profit organizations. Learning and technology are intertwined to develop next-generation trainers and leaders who implement technology and learning strategies across a variety of curricula and classrooms.

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Dimitra Smith

Welcome from the Department Head

Greetings from the Department of Higher Education and Learning Technologies! It is my pleasure to welcome you to one of the fast-growing departments in the College of Education and Human Services. Our faculty are experts in:

  • College readiness and information literacy
  • Student success and development
  • Equity and access
  • Self-directed and online learning
  • Underrepresented and underserved populations
  • Multicultural issues in student affairs
  • Community colleges and minority-serving institutions
  • Organizational behaviors and workplace engagement
  • Institutional research and assessment
  • Talent management and human capital investment
  • Technology integration

Learn alongside faculty who are engaged in cutting-edge teaching strategies and ground-breaking research in a diverse, educational environment. Contact our department today!

Dimitra Smith, Ph.D.
Department Head and Professor


Graduate with Less Debt

As a higher education and learning technologies student, you have access to a wide range of scholarships specific to your degree.

The Robert Munday Higher Education Endowment scholarship competition is open to higher education doctoral students with 15+ hours of doctoral coursework and a degree plan filed with the Graduate School.

The Dr. Sue Espinoza Memorial Endowment scholarship competition is open to doctoral students in the Department of Higher Education and Learning Technologies. You must have successfully completed 12 hours including HIED 695 in the Higher Education & Learning Technologies program with a 3.5 GPA.

The Grady Tice Excellence Scholarship competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in a higher education specialization within the Department of Educational Leadership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take to complete?

Program completion time will depend on how many courses you take each semester. Most students take two courses per semester while working full-time. Some take more in the summer.

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Is the school librarian certification approved by states other than Texas?

No. This certification is approved by the Texas State Board of Educator Certification. To obtain certification for other states you will need to check with the educator certification agency in that state to see if you can apply for librarian certification after completing this program.

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Is the Educational Technology Library Science (ETLS) master’s program accredited by the American Library Association (ALA)?

Our program is not a Master of Library Science degree (MLS/MLIS) so it is not ALA accredited. The ETLS master’s program combines the core coursework for our educational technology master’s degree with the coursework required for the School Librarian Certification in Texas and is approved by the Texas State Board of Educator Certification.

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Contact Us

  • Young Education North #126
  • P.O. Box 3011
  • Commerce, TX 75429-3011
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